10 Amazing Pool Accessories to Ramp Up Your Family Fun!


Pools are fun all on their own – really all you need is a bathing suit and a nice day and you’re set for fun!  However, getting some pool accessories can elevate your fun and take it to the next level!

Of course, it’s more than just buying stuff and filling up your pool.  Here are a few things to consider when purchasing your pool accessories.

Things to Think About


Make a budget for your pool accessories and stick to it!  All of our recommendations below are fairly affordable, but it will add up quickly.


Read the reviews and look at the product descriptions to know what your pool accessories are made out of and follow any manufacturer’s instructions.  Additionally, do not forget to keep your children safe – a floating device is NOT a replacement for your attention!


It’s great to get all sorts of pool accessories to play with, but at the end of the day, they need to go somewhere!  There are many options as to where to store your pool accessories and many are designed to be folded up and put away easily.

Below we have listed some recommendations for pool accessories that can ramp up your family fun or make your next pool party a real hit!

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10 Pool Accessories to Ramp Up Your Family Fun

Best Pool Speaker for Playing Some Tunes

Swimmer IPX7 Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker By COWIN

No pool party is complete without some breezy summer tunes.  Bring that into your pool with this floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

As far as pool accessories go, this is a must-have! It is available in three stylish color combinations: red and black, blue and yellow, and green and white.

It is made with a rugged exterior so that it can withstand a lot!  Hear every note of your favorite song with its 10W subwoofer for loud sound and three passive radiators for rich bass.

Easy to use, it is compatible with your iPad, iPhones, Samsungs, or laptop.  This speaker also comes with a one year warranty.

Price: $50.99

What Users Say: “I love this little speaker! It’s cute, very waterproof, easy to Bluetooth link &. Sounds amazing! Our summer time in the pool just got a lot more fun! Easy to use, easy to recharge using included charging cord, and easy to get tunes playing quick through Bluetooth This was by far my best purchase for the pool and summer.”

Best Pool Volleyball Set

Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Price: $14.99

What Users Say: “This is a GREAT VALUE! It’s super nice and very inexpensive… It comes with bags to help anchor into place at the bottom of the pool. I used round and smooth landscape rocks to fill the bags. I placed 6 rocks in each bag (see the photos attached). Make sure you have something ready to fill the bags. You cannot use sand or rice, the bags have large holes in the them and you don’t want small items to spill out on the bottom of your pool. I was worried that this would be too small from the photo, but it is large and a very nice size for a fun game of water volleyball.”

Best Place to Hold Your Poolside Snacks

Floating Spa Bar Inflatable Hot Tub Side Tray By Pool Systems USA

Getting out of the pool to grab a snack is a nuisance!  Bring your snacks to you with this inflatable tray, measuring about 10 inches by 8 inches.

It can either float freely on the water or connect to the side of your hot tub or pool.  There are eight cavities to fit a variety of snacks and drinks, as well as two carry handles.

This is one of their best-sellers – and with good reason!

Price: $29.98

What Users Say: “We love this hot tub bar and use it every time we get in our hot tub! I don’t fill the ballasts we always float our bar. We have filled it with fruits, cheese and crackers, summer sausage, ice and drinks. We love having snacks or dinner in the spa!”

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Best Place for Your Dog to Hang Out

Ginkago Inflatable Pool Float for Adult Dogs and Puppies, Large Contemporary Modern Blue Pet Dog Swimming Pool Float Ride on Bathing

Your pool is there for fun for the WHOLE family, and that includes your pet!

Measuring 50″ x 29″ x 4.5″, this dog bed is recommended for dogs under 65 pounds, but we have seen in the reviews that larger dogs have used it.  It is made with a heavy-duty, reinforced material, meaning your dogs not likely to be able to puncture it.

Water flows through the bed so your dog can cool down while staying afloat.  It also folds up nicely so you can store it when it’s not in use, or easily bring it with you on vacation.

Price: $36.99

What Users Say: I have a 92lb lab and she can’t get enough of it. So glad I bought it!”

Best Game for Your Little Kids in the Pool

Melissa & Doug Spark Shark Fish Hunt

Melissa & Doug is known as a brand that sets a high standard for safe, imaginative children’s play.  This set is ideal for children between 6 and 8 (although enjoyed by children outside that range).

The Shark Fish Hunt set is perfect for building your little one’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Comes with  2 shark nets, 6 colorful sinkers, and play ideas.

You can races, play games, and more!  It will keep your kids busy in the pool for hours and can even be brought inside for bathtime!

Price: $16.99

What Users Say: “This was purchased for our 7 year old daughter to play with in our pool. It is adorable and would also make a fun bath toy for younger kids. In the pool it has encouraged her to go under the water to retrieve the fishies. She loves it and it is a huge hit with her friends when they come over to swim. It arrived quickly and looks sturdy like it will last. We do take it our of the water and sun after use to help it last.”

Best Diving Set for Children

If you are looking for a diving set that comes with EVERYTHING, look no further.  This 30 piece set has 4 diving toy rings, 5 diving stick and 4 torpedos.
Made with 100% non-toxic ABS material so it is safe for your family.  They are great for diving training and are easy for children to grab and hold.
Price: $15.95
What Users Say: “These are such a great buy. Everything sinks quickly as it should and have nice vibrant colors. There are a couple of the flat shapes that get a little hard to find when they get to the edge of the pool and blend in a little, but the challenge is fun. We’ve had a lot of fun competing to see who gets the most in one dive and the most with a tag team scavenger hunt. It adds some fun to the long and hot summer days when the pool starts to get a little boring.”

Best Pool Inflatable for Star Wars Fans

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…there was a pool inflatable that your favorite Star Wars fan will love!  This BB8 oversized inflatable pool float will be the scene-stealer at your next pool party!

Made from durable PVC construction, it can handle a lot of use and rough play.  Measuring approximately 45″ long by 10.5″ high by 60″ wide when inflated, it is perfect for lounging around in your pool

It is recommended for ages 5 and up.  Many users recommend using a compressor or pump to fill it up as it is quite large to blow up manually.
Price:  $23.45
What Users Say: This BB-8 float was exactly as promised. It shipped fast and upon opening the Box was brand new with no durability or wearing problems. When blown up it held the air with no problem in could easily hold full size adults as well as children. The only “issue” If I could call it that was it’s not easy to blow up unless you have an auto air pump or at least a manual air pump, although trying to blow this up with just your mouth would be a crazy task in itself because of its size.”

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Don’t Forget About Maintenance!

With all the talk about fun, it’s easy to forget that pools are also a lot of hard work.  Once you put all your pool accessories away at the end of a fun swimming day, you then have to worry about keeping the whole pool clean and keeping your chemicals balanced.

If you want to enjoy all of the fun with your pool accessories and none of the worries, reach out to us.  We would be glad to handle those pesky pool chores for you so you can spend your precious time wisely.

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