How to Clean and Maintain an Above Ground Pool


Above ground pool cleaning can be just as labor-intensive as cleaning one fitted into the ground.

The tasks are a little different but the ultimate goal is the same; having a clean and fresh pool to enjoy.

When it comes to pool maintenance and cleaning, most owners have a lot to do.

Between skimming and keeping the filter in good condition, cleaning the floors and walls, and keeping the chemical balance in check you’ll never be short on work to do.

Above ground pool maintenance might not be buried under the ground but neglecting it can be just as big of a problem as with in-ground pools.

Cleaning and maintaining an above ground pool is going to be easier, or more difficult, depending on what services or equipment you’re using. Of course, the easiest way would be to hire a pool maintenance company.

Pool cleaning and maintenance can be expensive when you do it yourself. However, keeping your pool in good condition will help prevent bigger maintenance costs arising.

No matter where your pool is, keeping it clean is going to make it nicer to swim in and cheaper to maintain. A properly cleaned pool that receives plenty of care is a lot less likely to have large problems like leaks occur.

If you want to keep your above ground pool looking its best, thee are the things you need to do.

Above Ground Pool Cleaning – Filtering and Skimming

The first part of above ground pool cleaning is just keeping things out of it! No one wants a pool with residue and dirt floating around. Skimming and filtering your above ground pool is your first line of defense against dirt building up.

Filtering Your Pool

Your above ground pool’s filter pump needs to be running for a good portion of the day. This pump is what keeps your pool water moving, clean, and purified.

Without running your pool’s pump properly, you’re going to end up chemically treating your pool a lot more often you need too.

Make sure you’re running your pump filter for as much of the day as the manufacturer recommends for your size of pool.

Your pool’s pump also needs to be in good working order. You should keep on top of your above ground pool maintenance by keeping all of the parts of your pool in good working order.

Above Ground Pool Filter Maintenance

Running your pool’s pump filter doesn’t do much good if your filter isn’t working. You need to change your filter cartridge as often as is required.

You should also clean your cartridge from time to time by removing it and hosing it down until it is clean. This is a good way to deal with the problems caused by pressure changes.

You should also be emptying your pump’s basket around once a week to ensure any bigger pieces of debris aren’t blocking up your system.

Above Ground Pool Cleaning with a Skimmer

Above Ground Pool Cleaning

Skimming an above ground pool is a more difficult task than skimming an in-ground pool. It involves essentially the same thing though.

You need to use a skimmer to pull out any debris that has ended up in your pool that may not be being taken in by the pool pump.

With an above ground pool, you’re likely going to need a stable step ladder to get up to a level where you can do this comfortably.

Skimming and keeping your pool’s filter in check are really important parts of pool maintenance, however, that is just the beginning.

Above Ground Pool Cleaning and Scrubbing

While keeping rubbish out of your pool is important, so is actually keeping it clean. Even with a powerful filter and constant skimming, your pool is going to build up some dirt.

Your above ground pool cleaning routine has to allow for fairly regular full cleanings of your pool’s walls and floor. This isn’t a fun job, but it does need doing if you want to keep your tiling in good condition.

If you’re using a robotic pool cleaner, this will be easier. These devices can move around your pool on their own and take care of this bit of work.

If not, you’re going to have to scrub the pool yourself.

The Right Equipment for Above Ground Pool Cleaning

Above ground pool cleaning is a big task, if you use your household cleaning tools it is going to be harder. You need to use the right tools for the job.

A brush with a telescopic pole is going to make it a lot easier for you to clean. This way you can scrub at the walls and base from a distance.

You also need to use the right bristles. Nylon bristles will help prevent damaging your tiles, an important thing if you’re trying to keep the costs of your above ground pool maintenance down.

Brush your pool down once a week to keep it tidy, with top-up cleanings whenever necessary.

When scrubbing your pool’s walls, make sure you catch every crevice or corner that may be missed. These are spots where dirt can easily build up if you’re not careful.

Above Ground Pool Cleaning – Surfaces and Ladders

Above Ground Pool Cleaning

When cleaning your above ground pool, you need to make sure you’re not missing anywhere. This means cleaning the ladder, poles, and any other part of your pool that may get dirty.

Surfaces on the bottom of your pool need vacuuming, this can be done in a few ways. The easiest is to attach an automatic vacuum to your pool’s filter. This will do the job for you and really cut down on the time this takes.

Manually Vacuuming

If you plan on manually vacuuming your pool, it needs to be done at least once a week or ideally twice. To do this, you need to attach a vacuum head to a pool pole.

Then move this vacuum around the pool to pull up any dirt or debris from the pool. You should repeat this until you’re sure you’ve covered the entire pool. This way is a lot more labor-intensive.

Above Ground Pool Cleaning with Chemicals

Keeping your above ground pool clean isn’t all scrubbing, a lot of it comes down to chemicals. If you want to keep your above ground pool in good working order, then you need to be keeping the chemical balance of the pool just right.

You should test your chemical levels twice a week to ensure that the balance it correct. If they are not, you need to rebalance your chemicals to get your pool back to its proper state.

Since you’re going to be testing a lot, using a digital reader for your test strips is going to save a lot of time.

The pH level for your pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6. If it is too far in any direction from this, the potency of your chemicals is going to be affected and it can be difficult to get your pool back to the right pH level.

The chlorine level in your pool needs to be between 1 and 3 parts per million. This level will help to keep your water clean and your pH level in balance.

Fixing Chemicals During Above Ground Pool Maintenance

If your pool’s chemical balance is wrong, then you need to adjust the chemicals you’re using. These are some common problems and how to fix them:

  • pH too high – Add a pH reducer to the water to lower this level.
  • pH too low – A pH increaser should get your pool back to its proper balance.
  • Chlorine levels too low – Yo8 need to add more chlorine to the water, but in a small amount. You don’t need too much chlorine in the pool.
  • Chlorine too high – Stop adding chlorine to your water and allow it a few days to dissertate before returning to your pool.

Chemical Cleaning Treatments

Above Ground Pool Cleaning

Even with the right chemical balance in your pool, the water can turn bad. The substances brought into your pool from swimmers and the world outside can easily upset the balance.

Regular shock treatments to your pool’s water can help you keep these problems contained. You should administer shock treatment to your pool every week or whenever a problem presents itself.

You shouldn’t swim in your pool for a little while after this, but it goes a long way to reducing your above ground pool maintenance.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance


As well as keeping your above pool clean, you need to ensure your maintenance goes to plan. All of the parts of your pool’s filters and systems need to be functioning right to ensure the time you spend cleaning it is not wasted.

You should periodically check for problems in your equipment, leaks in your pipes, and any potential dangers in the pool itself.

Doing so will help you to spot problems with your above ground pool maintenance early. This makes it cheaper and easier to fix the problem further down the line.

Above ground pool, cleaning and maintenance can quickly snowball into a cleaning regiment that takes up a lot of your time. It also requires you to have a good working knowledge of the chemicals in your pool, and the time to physically scrub your pool often.

If this seems like too much to, a good pool maintenance company can be a great alternative for above ground pool cleaning and maintenance.

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