Beautiful Inground Pools for Every Kind of Home


When you are investing in an inground pool, you are investing in a lifestyle.  Whether it’s something sleek and modern or a family friendly pool perfect for your next party, you want your inground pool to reflect your life.

An inground pool is a great investment to your property.  Consider just some of the benefits of installing an inground pool.


An inground pool can be customized much more than an above ground pool.  You can choose the material, size, and shape of your pool to match your vision!


An inground pool is much sturdier and will be around for your family to enjoy for decades. They are not prone to collapses or leaks and can stand up to extreme weather.

However, before you rush off to your nearest pool installation professional, you want to look at the proposed location of your inground pool.  Why?

You want to make sure it is possible to install a pool on your property. Take a look at where you want to install your inground pool and ask yourself:

  • Is my property accessible for my pool contractor?
  • Do I need to do any grading to install an inground pool?
  • Are there large rocks and can they be removed or excavated?
  • What kind of soil is on my property?
  • Is my soil sandy, and easy to dig, or rocky, and more difficult?

Secondly, you will want to set a budget for your inground pool.  You want to make sure you capture all of the costs so that you are financially able to handle (and finish) the project.

Your budget should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Higher home insurance
  • Permits
  • Warranties
  • Higher property taxes
  • Electrician to connect your pool to the pump and filter
  • Lighting around your pool
  • Inspections
  • Landscaping around the pool
  • Accessories and features
  • Cleaning tools
  • Chemicals
  • Equipment
  • Labor
  • Maintenance costs
  • Safety Fence

How can you decide if what inground pool is the right fit for you?  There are many elements that make each pool different, so there are many things to consider.

Generally speaking, you want to envision yourself in the pool.

Who will be using it? What will they be doing?

The answers to those questions will help you to make decisions.

Consider some other specific factors below.

inground pool


How much space do you have set aside to install a pool?  This will dictate the size of your pool.

However, just because you CAN fit a large pool doesn’t mean that you NEED a large pool.  Your family can have just as much fun in a pool that is 25 feet long as it will in a pool that is 40 feet long.

While we are talking about size, we also include the depth of your inground pool.  How you plan on using your pool will determine how deep it is.

A pool for children should be deep enough to be able to safely dive or cannonball into. Or if you want to have a diving board, you need it to be a certain depth.

Are you using it for a quick jump in?   Maybe a shallower pool is the best bet for you.

Consider a Baja shelf – this is a larger, shallower step.  If you have a family learning to swim, it is a great space to learn or can be used as a makeshift kiddie splash area.

If you want a place to put lounge chairs in the pool – a Baja pool is also a great option.

Shape & Aesthetics

A round pool works well for some backyards since the soft edges make the area seem more welcoming.  On the other hand, a rectangular shaped pool is perfect for those wanting to use their inground pool to do laps.

You can also use shape to enhance your property.  For example, a small backyard will appear larger if you install a “L”-shaped inground pool.

An irregular shape can wrap around different design elements and look really interesting.  Also, the changes in shape could align with the changes in depth and be a good visual marker for children.

While we are speaking of aesthetics, of course you want to think about any bonus features you want to add.  You can add some really fun features, like waterfalls to your pool’s design.

Another way you can enhance your inground pool is by adding lighting, both inside and around the pool.  This will be especially important if you plan to use your pool in the evening.

You can also add alternative finishes, such as decorative tiles, to your inground pool to give it an artistic touch.

If you have a stunning view worth highlighting, consider an infinity pool. The sleek, modern design draws the eyes outward.

An infinity pool, also called a zero-edge pool, is called that because it gives the illusion that the water has no edge and falls onto the property.

relaxed couple holding hands on swimming pool edge 4172886 scaled


In-ground pools are generally made of three materials, fiberglass, concrete and vinyl. Each material has its own installation and maintenance costs, and its own advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, you will need to talk to your pool installation professional about which material is best for you.


Fiberglass pools have shells made of fiberglass topped with a gelcoat.  They are great options for quick installation and easy maintenance.

They do not require as many chemicals as some other options.  As well, they are fairly easy to maintain, since they have smooth surfaces.

Buyers choose a fiberglass pool because it is incredibly durable and can last for a number of decades.


Many pool owners prefer the stability and strength of concrete for their inground pool. It may not look as fancy as some of the other options, but there are options, such as stamped concrete, to create a polished look.

Concrete pools are easier to customize – you can have the right shape and size for your space.


Vinyl is a popular choice for many buyers since it is the most cost-effective option and because there are many choices of liners to choose from.  You can choose some really neat colors and designs for your pool.

They are also customizable and easy to build.  Because they are also smooth surfaces, maintenance is easier than some other options.

While we are talking about materials, we should talk about natural and salt-water pools.  They are becoming more and more popular because of their low maintenance.

Natural and salt-water pools require no chemicals since they naturally clean themselves.  It’s a great option for the eco-friendly family or those looking to not spend much time cleaning their inground pool.


Are you going to use your pool mostly for relaxing, cooling off and hosting pool parties?  Consider a cocktail, or a dipping pool.

Cocktail pools are usually four feet deep throughout and are perfect for a lively game of water volleyball!  This is NOT the pool for you if you have children that will want to jump in with a cannonball.

Do you have a family and the pool will be used by your children?  Then that will affect the type of accessories and features you have.

There are many options that you can add to your pool to create your own mini water park.  Just think of how much fun your kids will have on a water slide!

Are you building a full backyard oasis?  Think about having a spa built right next to (or inside) your inground pool.

This is the best of both worlds and will allow you to use both seamlessly.

Do you need to consider mobility issues? If so, this will affect how and where you place the steps, as well as how they are designed.

Is this pool going to be used mostly for fitness?  If so, then your best bet will be a long and narrow pool (at least 30 feet long) to do laps.

underwater photography of swimmer 711187


We spoke above about looking first at your pool’s location and of course, this is very important.

There is also the option of an indoor pool – especially if you want to be able to train, regardless of the weather outside!

If an indoor pool is an option, it can be hard to decide whether to do indoor or outdoor.  Why not do both?

This is great if you have a small backyard and can be really practical.  It gives you the option to swim indoors OR outdoors, depending on your mood and the season.


Although this is not directly related to the pool, many people will choose to build the landscaping around the pool at the same time as the pool.

There are many options for deck materials and each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your local landscaping contractor about what choice is right for you.

For example, a wood deck looks great and is a nice contrast to the water.  However, it does require extra maintenance to keep up.

You’ll also want to give thought to the types of plants that surround your pool.  Ideally you want something that is low maintenance and does not create a lot of debris that will fall into your inground pool.

Speaking of maintenance, you will want to make sure that any pool you choose is one you can maintain.  If you’d like to avoid the chores involved in maintaining a pool, a pool cleaning service is always a great option.

Regardless of the choices that you make, your pool will be a great investment and a fantastic addition to your home.  It will be the backdrop to many happy memories, a fun way to stay fit and a cool way to beat the heat.

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