The 7 Best Pool Brushes of 2019


Cleaning a pool can be a big job if you don’t have the proper equipment. So if you want to keep your pool sparkling clean, you’re going to need to be using the best pool brushes.

Robotic cleaners and the right chemicals for cleaning a pool can make things a lot easier. However, you also need to have the basics down.

Scrubbing your pool with a brush is a major part of pool maintenance.

Using the right pool brushes is going to make your cleaning routine considerably easier. When you use the wrong brush, it is going to take longer to actually get your pool clean.

The wrong brush can cause even worse problems. They could end up just spreading infections and bacteria around your tank.

The best pool brushes need to be an investment. They will need to be replaced considerably less frequently. Spending some money on a good set of pool brushes will be cheaper in the long run.

Keeping a pool clean isn’t the simplest of tasks. However, if you stuck to these pool brushes you should have every advantage that you can.

What to Think About When Choosing a Brush for Your Pool?

When you’re buying a pool brush, you need to keep some things in mind. Not every pool brush is equal. These are the main things to consider when looking for the best pool brushes.

Your Pool’s Size and Shape

An interestingly designed pool can look pretty cool. However, they can be a bit of a hassle to clean.

If your pool is in an unusual shape, this has to be kept in mind.

A pool brush that can maneuver around any strange corners or indents in your pool is going to be needed. Otherwise, you’ll have spaces in your pool which just aren’t cleanable.

Pool Surfaces

The surface and material of your pool are important for choosing the best pool brushes.

A fiberglass pool requires a brush that isn’t going to leave scratches or damage the material. While a concrete surface pool will be able to cope with harder brushes.

The material of the best pool brush for your pool is going to depend on the material of your pool and your requirements. You need the material that will clean your pool, rather than scratch it.

The Material of Brush

The best pool brushes use materials that work with the most pools. Usually, this is Nylon.

Nylon bristles brushes are of high quality and can deal with any pool. A Nylon brush will be able to clean concrete just as well as vinyl or fiberglass.

Nylon is the easier choice for most pools. However, some non-nylon brushes are going to be helpful in certain situations.


A decent brush is going to stand up to numerous uses. Scrubbing a pool can be quite hard work, you need your pool brushes to stand up to this.

The best pool brushes have to be built to last, keeping most of their bristles intact when being used.

This selection of best pool brushes has been chosen with these factors in mind. These brushes should stand up to punishment, have high-quality materials, and fit the specific needs of each pool owner.

The Best Pool Brushes for Algae – Wall Whale Classic Swimming Algae Pool Brush

Image from Wall Whale.

This is one of the best pool brushes available if you’re trying to scrub away algae. It features high-quality bristles made from nylon. There are securely sealed to the brush, so drop-off shouldn’t be a problem.

The tail design of the brush is made to allow you to scrub in a sweeping pattern. This gives you downward momentum. This is a small feature, but it makes a big difference.

This can really cut out the time you have to spend scrubbing at your pool walls. This brush isn’t fantastic for cleaning strangely shaped pools. However, if you have a standard design, then it should all go pretty smoothly.

Its design alleviates the hard work you’ll have to put into scrubbing away at algae. While it doesn’t clean the pool for you, it does make the task easier.

The Best Budget Pool Brushes – Blue Devil B3518 Wall Brush

Best Pool Brushes
Image from Blue Devil Products.

This pool brush is really well constructed. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of other entries on this list of the best pool brushes. However, for its price, it is a great choice.

This brush is 18-inches wide, which will be helpful for cleaning those wide walls of your pool. Its frame is made of reinforced metal, so it is well-constructed to last you quite a while.

It is also quite multipurpose. It is compatible with most pool poles on the market, which will save you some money compared with other brushes.

The main downside is that this pool brush is a bit stiff to really work in rounded corners. If your pool is largely rounded, this isn’t a great choice. However, this is a fantastic budget pool brush for anyone else.

The Best Pool Brushes for Rounded Pools – Blue Torrent 12-Inch 360 Degree Brush

best Pool Brushes
Image from Blue Torrent Pool Products.

This pool brush is perfect for those with less than standard pool designs. If you need a brush that can navigate plenty of corners or rounded edges, this is the one for you.

Its 360-degree design allows any section of the brush to be used for scrubbing. This helps it work its way into crevices and any other strangely shaped sections of your pool.

It isn’t fantastic for pools made of vinyl. However, for other materials, this brush will really simplify cleaning.

The Best Pool Brushes for Tough Stains – Milliard 5-Inch Heavy Duty Wire Algae Brush

Best Pool Brushes
Image from Milliard.

Not every pool brush has to be a huge contraption for scrubbing at walls. Sometimes, you need something more specialist.

Where this pool brush comes in, is those tough stains or festering algae on concrete pools. It is small and brittle.

With this type of heavy-duty design, you can make short work of bad stains or build up in your pool.

Since its bristles are stainless steel, this brush can’t be used on every pool. It isn’t as universally useful as the other best pool brushes on this list. However, it is really useful for its specific function.

The Best Pool Brushes for Concrete Pools – Milliard 10-Inch-Heavy-Duty Wire Brush for Gunite & Concrete Pools

Image from Milliard.

This entry also comes from Milliard, and it has some similar specifications to the five-inch brush. Namely, it is a fantastic brush for concrete pools.

This thing is really sturdily constructed. If you’re looking for a pool brush that is going to last, then this is a great candidate.

It features harder bristles so it is really good for scrubbing away at your pool surfaces. However, it won’t work well with vinyl or fiberglass pools.

For concrete pools, this brush is going to be able to brush off any stain. It can lift off the grime that you may have thought you needed a full pool remodeling to finally fix.

This brush is great for really lifting off grime, but be aware that it is only suitable for harder pools.

The Best Pool Brushes for Vinyl Pools – Poolmaster Deluxe Heavy Duty Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Brush

Best Pool Brushes
Image from Poolmaster.

Not every pool needs a heavy-duty brush to get clean. For pools with more delicate surfaces, a softer touch is required.

Pools that have Vinyl or fiberglass surfaces need a special type of brush. However, this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.

This brush works great with these types of pools. It has a curved design which will make it easier to clean any crevice of your pool.

It is lightweight enough to make navigating around an entire pool easy. This brush is perfect for a lighter clean on pools with more fragile surfaces.

The Most Versatile Pool Brush – Aquatix Pro Heavy Duty Pool Brush

Best Pool Brushes
Image from Aquatix.

This is one of the best pool brushes out there for its versatility. It can clean floors, tiles, walls, steps, and anything else in your pool with ease.

This is a lightweight brush that can glide around anywhere in your pool. This makes it suitable for cleaning any surface.

While it isn’t the toughest brush, it can even remove built-up algae from hard to reach places.

It is made out of aluminum which means it is reinforced and durable. It will last longer than most pool brushes and get the job done.

Which Pool Brush is for You?

These are the best pool brushes available right now. However, which you need is going to come down to your specific needs.

While they make the task of scrubbing away at your pool easier, it is still quite hard work. A good pool brush will help you work hard at keeping your pool clean, but you still need to work at it.

A pool maintenance company uses the best pool brushes to keep your pool clean. They have access to the right materials for the job, this includes things like chemicals and brushes.

If you want your pool cleaned by the best tools, then a pool maintenance company might be for you. By cleaning so many pools, they develop experience and expertise about which pool brush to use and when.

Otherwise, setting yourself up with a selection of these pool brushes is going to give you a head start on your cleaning.

They should last longer, get your pool cleaner, and make the whole job considerably easier.

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