How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Maintenance Services For You


Swimming pool maintenance services are like any other service. You want your pool to be cleaned by the best service provider and you want an affordable price.

You want a company that offers good customer service so you can maintain a good relationship from your very first maintenance visit. You want to choose the best because anything else will be a waste of your time, money and can even be mentally draining.

The first thing you need to know before you start considering different companies is what these companies actually do when they come out to perform pool maintenance. Then you can make comparisons based on the cost of service and services rendered.


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If you are already a pool owner or are considering owning one, you know that pool maintenance is essential.  Not properly maintaining your pool will cause a number of unpleasant happenings including;

  • Removal of debris
  • Cloudy water
  • Slimy water
  • Foul Odors
  • Development of algae

Depending on just how much neglect your pool is getting, you could encounter multiple situations from the prior list. Improper pool maintenance will not only cause problems for the aesthetics of your pool but it can also cause problems for you and your loved ones.

Even before you can start to smell an odor, or see changes in the water, bacteria may already be at work. This can manifest in burning eyes and itchy skin when you and your loved ones use the pool.

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But before you take out that checkbook and withdraw money from your savings account, what exactly are you paying for when you choose a company offering swimming pool maintenance services?

A Pool Maintenance Technician’s Day

A day in the life of a pool maintenance technician or a team of technicians is dependent on the time of the year. Each season provides different needs and challenges to performing maintenance.

Keep reading to find out how maintenance is different for the different seasons of the year.

During Spring

This season is usually when maintenance techs focus on opening pools. Maintenance during this time of the year includes the

  • Removal of covers
  • Skimming of pools
  • Cleaning of the pool
  • Balancing chemicals
  • Checking pumps and additional pool equipment
  • Speaking with the owners about their findings

During Summer

Summer is pool maintenance’s busiest season. For many companies during this time of the year, maintenance of pools is a weekly task. Technicians will complete tasks such as;

  • Skimming pool debris
  • Checking chemical levels
  • Ensuring the safety of the water

Technician also has as their scope of the duty to advise clients on how to make their pools safer outside of the above-mentioned steps. They may advise the installation of safety items such as;

  • Handrails
  • Drain covers
  • Pool Lifts
  • Perimeter fences
  • Other emergency items deemed as essential

During Fall

This time of the year, the weather starts to get cooler and this is the time that pool maintenance techs will do their spring duties in reverse. Their visit will have them;

  • Adding chemicals to prevent the growth of algae
  • Inspecting covers
  • Covering equipment
  • Suggesting any additional equipment
  • Properly closing the pool

During Winter

Many think that there is no need for pool maintenance during the winter but sometimes the services are necessary. Indoor pools still need servicing during the winter and oftentimes installing safety equipment can be done during winter months.

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So now you have an idea of what services will be performed to meet your needs based on the season of the year we can talk more about how to choose the right swimming pool maintenance services to meet your needs.

Selecting a Pool Service

Your pool is a great facet of your home. It is, however, high maintenance. You may be tempted to do your own pool maintenance as well as basic repairs.

Leave it up to the professionals to ensure the best quality maintenance and service is done to your pool. This ensures your safety and the safety of those you love the most who use the pool on a regular basis.

When you start looking for companies offering pool maintenance, the first thing you want to look at is their reputation. You want to also look at the different services that they offer and their prices.

The Pool Company’s Reputation

This is quite an important factor when choosing a service. You want to choose a company with a reputation for working and providing maintenance for different types of pools.

A quick google search can help you find a list of swimming pool maintenance services in your area. But you know where else you can get information on companies in your area? From friends, family, and neighbors.

Word of mouth is a great way to find companies with good reputations and these recommendations are more trustworthy than online reviews.

The Types of Services they Offer

Different pool companies will offer different services. So you want to have a basic understanding of what to expect from a package price. The companies that clearly stipulate what is included in their package.

The best companies will be willing to offer you a clear outlook of their repairs packages. They will also upon their inspection at the maintenance visit they provide you with specific recommendations if necessary for the safety or improvement of your pool.

You can definitely save money with a company that offers pool maintenance and repairs instead of choosing one for maintenance and then having to choose another for your repairs.


Price is always a very important factor when choosing any product or service. You want to pay a price that is fair and you want to get value for your money.

As such, the lowest price may not always be the best service to choose from. They may not have the most skilled employees and they may not use the best quality products and tools.

If it is your first time finding swimming pool maintenance services you may have no clue what to expect when it comes to pricing. What you can do is get a quote from a number of local companies so you can see what prices look like. Then you can check national averages and make an informed choice.

Now you know what type of maintenance services can be performed on your pool and what you need to look for in swimming pool maintenance services providers. What else do you know to help you make the best decision as to which company to choose?

You need to know some of the secrets some of these companies may not want you to know.

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Secrets Pool Maintenance Services are Keeping from You

  1. Skipping is Common During High Season

Smaller companies may not have enough employees for the pool maintenance, especially when it is summer which is the high season. These companies sometimes have to skip over accounts to make up for the time that has been lost. This can push your pool maintenance down a day or two.

While not all companies do this you still want to ensure that yours was not skipped. So you should definitely give the company a call if your technician doesn’t show up as expected.

This is a great area where word of mouth recommendations can be helpful. Your neighbors and friends may be able to tell you which companies to steer clear of based on their bad experiences.

To avoid this type of situation, if you won’t be at home ensure to ask the company to leave a drop ticket behind. This allows you to check exactly what they did while you were away.

  1. High Fees

Some companies charge a flat fee for their swimming pool maintenance services and then further charge an additional fee for chemicals on a monthly bill. The truth is that it is most common for companies to just charge a flat fee for the maintenance services and there should be no additional charges for the use of chemicals.

There are common tools and chemicals used in pool maintenance. If no special chemicals are used, you shouldn’t be charged any additional costs.

  1. The Use of Used Parts

Pool service companies often do repairs as well. Some dishonest repair technicians will make use of used parts instead of using new parts when doing your repairs.

These used parts could be sourced from customers who recently changed their parts for newer equipment. As much as possible take a look at any equipment the company brings in prior too it being installed.

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At the end of it all, finding the right swimming pool maintenance service comes down to being proactive, doing your research and making an informed decision. Choose a company offering swimming pool maintenance services that;

  1. Has a track record of success
  2. That offers maintenance and repairs
  3. That provides value for money
  4. That is transparent with their offerings
  5. That employs trained and qualified staff

With these tips in mind, you will have all you need to make the right decision to get the best swimming pool maintenance services to maintain your pool.

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