8 Crazy Pool Designs Around the World


As fun as a standard back yard pool is, some owners push it a bit further.

Across the world though, there are loads of crazy pool designs that make going for a swim quite a bit different.

Many resorts and hotels end up with some really crazy pools. You can lure a lot of holidaymakers in with great weather and facilities, but nothing grabs people’s attention like a great pool.

When even a pool isn’t quite enough, you might have to go for a really crazy pool.

Quite a few of these pools are the way that they are because of location. A hotel on a mountain’s edge can have a clifftop pool.

If you’re looking to recreate a crazy pool at home, some of these designs aren’t really possible!

While having a swim is great in any surroundings, these are some of the weirdest and most impressive pools out there.

US Crazy pools

Pools all over the world are quite weird. However, even just in the US there are plenty of really strange pools.

These water features can be impressive because of their location or design, that they’re the gaudiest or most fun, or even just an impressive place to unwind.

If you’re looking for the craziest pools in the US, this is the place to start.

Market Square Tower

Crazy Pools

This pool is located in the heart of Houston. This one isn’t locked into a resort either, it is open to the residents of the tower. What really makes this pool special is both its height, shape, and design.

It is the tallest pool in Texas being situated high up on the tower. It also features a glass bottom. With the pool extending out over the side of the building, the bottom gives you a great view of everything happening right below.

To actually visit this pool, you have to be living inside the tower. However, it is a really impressive sight.

Biosphere Pool

Crazy Pool Designs

The Biosphere Pool is located at the Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg. Its name should be an indication of the theme of the pool you’re getting yourself into.

Within this complex, there is a 10,000 square foot indoor pool. This complex is surrounded by plant life and features a light transparent roof.

In the summer, this roof retracts entirely. In the winter, it maintains the illusion of an outdoor pool without any of the cold. This whole complex also has a huge Jacuzzi, waterslides, and an aquarium. It really is one of the most relaxing water spots in the US.

The pool itself with its inside and outdoor feel alongside its huge length definitely qualifies as one of the craziest pools in the US.

The Tank Pool

The Tank pool isn’t a place for the feint hearted. At the Golden Nugget in Vegas, you swim with sharks.

Well not quite with sharks. You’re separated from the shark tank aquarium by only a thin layer of glass. You can swim around just below these beautiful creatures.

If that isn’t quite close enough to the predators for you though, there is another option.

Just a little above this pool is a waterslide. This slide takes you all the way down until there are sharks swimming around above and below you.

If you want to really get your blood pumping, a visit to this crazy pool might be for you.

The Coliseum Pool

Crazy Pools

This pool might not have a funky novelty design, but it is one of the most opulent in the country. It is located the Resort at Pelican Hill.

It features a base made of over a million hand made and cut glass mosaic tiles. This gives the base the kind of pattern you’d associate more with the Palace of Versailles than a pool in Newport Beach.

This crazy pool is 136 feet in diameter and a perfect circle. Making it one of the larger round pools out there.

With vaulted arches and other classical inspiration, this opulent pool is one of the craziest pools in the US.

Falls Pool Oasis

Crazy Pools

This place is an outdoor collection of pools and water attraction in the Orlando World Centre Marriott.

It features four pools, both heated indoor and outdoor pools. Alongside this, there is one of the most impressive waterslides.

It is an entire tower consisting of a 200-foot winding water slide and a 90-foot straight slide off of the tower.

You might need a good stomach for heights if you want to make good use of the waterslides here. However, if you can make it up the ride down is bound to be unforgettable.

International Crazy Pools

Crazy Pools

While there are plenty of pools in the US which are pretty odd, the rest of the world has their fair share too! Many international resorts have some of the craziest pools in the world.

Between pools looking over the Alps and naturally formed pools in caves, these are some of the craziest places to take a swim.

If you’re looking for some of the strangest pools you’ll find in the whole world, these are the stand out entries.

The Library

This pool is located in the Library, a hotel in Koh Samui Thailand. It is a long way to go for a pool, but this is one of the craziest pools out there.

While high up rooftop pools are fun, this one has something a bit different going for it. The design itself is nice and minimalistic, but nothing you couldn’t see in a backyard.

Crazy Pool Designs

However, the pool water is a completely different color. Sometimes red and at sunset a bright gold.

This strangely colored pool is perfectly in keeping with the unique experience of the hotel. It is only open to those who stay at the Library, but it is a fantastic pool to look at in Thailand.

Infinity Pool

Crazy Pools

This pool is quite different from what you’d normally see at a resort. It is located at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. It is on the 57th story of this resort, so the view you get of the surrounding city really is clear.

This pool goes right to the edge of the building, giving great views of everything the is around the building.

This pool goes stretches out around the entire building as well as hitting the edge. This gives giving you a complete view of the city below! Befitting of a crazy pool, it was featured in the movie Crazy Rich Asians.

This pool alone makes the hotel a great place to visit if you’re heading to Singapore. It is only open to guests at the resort, so this is the only way to get a look at this pool.

Las Grutas

Crazy Pools

This pool is located in Las Grutas Tolantongo, in Mexico. Which happens to be home to some volcanic mountains.

The water in these pools is naturally warmed by the volcanic region. Located in a vast system of mountain caves, this pool is uniquely natural.

Volcanic regions are thought to have all sorts of health benefits. If you want to experience it for yourself, then this pool is a great place to give it a go.

The relaxing spot is also one of the most accessible craziest pools. It is open to anyone who wants to use it, no reservation at a resort or hotel is necessary here.


Crazy Pools

This pool is located in Santorini in Greece. It isn’t exactly one of the craziest pools in the world, but a collection of them.

This hotel gives guests access to a number of bizarre pools, each quite a bit more natural than anything else. This list of the craziest pools is filled with man-made pools, those located here are a bit different.

Rivers form pools in naturally clear sandstone right in some of the hotel rooms. The resort itself even has a pool carved into a covered cave.

These caves are breath-taking in their cleanness and simplicity. This resort in Greece is a great relaxation spot with fantastic pools.

The Hotel Villa Honegg

This Swedish pool is stylish and simple. The heated waters will keep you warm throughout the winter. However, what is really special about this pool is the view.

From the warm heated waters, you can directly gaze across at the Alps. The mountain range is an impressive sight, especially from warm water.

Crazy Pool Designs

With such views, this pool is somewhere you really should visit if you’re in the area. Unlike a lot of the other craziest pools in the world, this one isn’t a closed shop.

Even if you’re not staying at the resort, you can get a single pass to visit the pool and see the Alps in comfort.

These crazy pools area really fun novelty. However, at the end of the day, all you really need from a pool is to be able to swim.

No matter what shape or design your pool is, pool maintenance is important to prevent it from becoming an interestingly shaped mess.

A pool maintenance company can help you out with any keeping your pool in top condition, no matter how crazy it looks.

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