How to Clean Your Pool After a Pool Party


Parties don’t only occur at night clubs or at home, nor are they just all about drinking wine and wearing party hats. There are also parties that involve splashes and water slides, and they are more fun, especially if you are with your best buddies!

Pool parties are common, and they occur oftentimes, mostly during summer. If you are one of the pool personnel, it is a struggle because there is too much to clean up once the guests leave, and that is why it is important to know how to clean your pool after a pool party!

And it should not be so hard, you know! We have here a not-so-complicated guide on how to clean your pool after a pool party, which will make the task so much easier to do! But, of course, before the pool party ends, it should first begin!

Pool Party Essentials

Pool parties are not demanding. In fact, you can even create your best pool party moments even if you don’t bring anything with you but yourself and maybe some clothes to wear afterwards.

Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure, as they say. If you want to have a pool party that will not cause troubles and mishaps and will not be laborious to clean up and end, you should make sure that all the things that will be needed from the beginning to the end are prepared.

But I am not talking about swimsuits, drinks, snacks, towels, or the likes here. I am talking about the more essential stuff, which will contribute more to the experience, not to mention the safety, of everyone.

If you are planning to have a pool party, get your pen and paper and take note of these pool party essentials as these will help you have a smooth-sailing pool party!

1. Goggles

If you are going to conduct your pool party in a chlorinated pool, it is important that you protect your eyes with goggles because chlorine can cause irritated eyes.

In addition, goggles can help you see what lies underwater, so it can help you avoid bumping into the walls and other bodies, as well as swim freely as you can see where you are going.

5 Tips to Clean Your Pool After a Pool Party

2. Sunscreen

You nee if the pool party is set to occur at noon, when the sun is up and shining so bright. Even if you want to get tan skin, the sun can cause skin diseases, like skin cancer.

Just make sure that the sunscreen that you will use are able to protect you from the sun. Choose the right SPF level.

3. Sunglasses

Your skin is not the only part of your body that you should protect from the sun. The sun can also damage the eyes, and therefore, it is important that you carry sunglasses with you and wear them at times that the sun is producing too much heat.

4. Bag for Wet Clothes

You don’t want to put your wet clothes in the same bag where your dry clothes are in, so you should not forget to also provide a separate bag that you can use for them.

It doesn’t have to be a “bag” bag, though. You can just slip a plastic bag into your belongings and let it hold the wet clothes for you when the party is done.

5. Trash Bags

Eating is a part of any kind of party, and that is why you should never forget trash bags as well. Although trash bins are everywhere, they sometimes are too small for the amount of trash people carry with them, resulting in dirty surroundings.

You can also use trash bags for other wastes apart from food.

6. Pool Floats or Life Vests

Pool floats may be cute but they are one of the pool party essentials because, more often than not, not everyone that were invited can swim! Plus, most pools are too deep and are not safe for kids, so you should make sure that you bring pool floats or life vests with you to keep them from drowning!

7. Rash Guard

Rash guard is optional, but it can prevent your skin from being irritated so it should be added to your list. Chlorine is a chemical, and it is not safe at all for the skin. If you want to lessen your risk of having dry skin or other skin problems, wear a rash guard!

It can protect you from the sun, too, after all.

5 Tips to Clean Your Pool After a Pool Party

How to Clean Your Pool After a Pool Party

Now that the party is done and everyone has packed up their stuff, it is time for the pool personnel to enter into the scene. Cleaning the pool after a pool party is paramount as there are a multitude of microorganisms that linger in and out of the water.

The pool can be harmful to people if the microorganisms are left there. It can even become contaminated and turn green, and that should not be something that you should wait to happen!

Here is how to clean your pool after a pool party!

1. Remove the Debris

Eliminating the solid objects that float on the pool should be easy because they are visible to the eyes. You don’t have to be so meticulous about it, though. If there are a few small things that you can’t get, the pool pump can help. But we will talk about that later.

You can use a rake to do this.

2. Shock the Pool

Pool shocking is essential for every chlorinated pool because it helps the pool water to be free from acquiring algae and other bacteria that can cause the pool to be contaminated. It is best to do it at night as chlorine does not go well with the heat coming from the sun.

It is also important to shock the pool water beforehand, perhaps a day or two before the event, so as to prevent swimmers from acquiring diseases caused by germs before the fun even starts.

This is not applicable to salt water pools.

3. Turn On Your Pool Pump

Pool pump is a pool equipment that is essential for pools as it does help in keeping the pool water clean. Pool pump is the major reason why pools don’t change their waters frequently, because it just circulates the water that is already in the pool through a filtration system.

5 Tips to Clean Your Pool After a Pool Party

4. Brush Your Pool

Pools are not just about their waters. You should keep in mind that other parts of the pool should also be cleaned because people also make use of them. Brush your pool walls, the ladders, the slides, the stairs, and so on and so forth!

Germs can also stay on those places, so don’t just focus on keeping the water clean.

5. Check the pH and Chlorine Levels

The pH and chlorine levels can change when the pool is used for a long period of time or by a lot of people. Both are important to make the pool safe for use, so after cleaning the pool water and the areas that surround it, you should check if both levels are fine.

You can measure the pH level and the chlorine level with test strips. There are pool test kits available in the market, and as a pool staff, you should have a bunch of them ready in your stock room.

6. Clean the Surrounding Areas

Of course, pool parties don’t just happen within the pool. People also have fun on the surrounding areas, and that’s why you should also clean them.

Pick up all the wrappers, cans, bottles, or whatnot that are scattered around the pool area. Water the plants, clean the washrooms, and repaint the walls as well.

You should also maintain the overall look of the location and make it appealing so a lot more people will be more interested to throw their pool party at your swimming pools!


A lot of people are opting for pool parties to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, or success because there are a lot of activities that can be done in pools, which are perfect both for children and adults alike.

Children can play games, like coin dive, volleyball, and races. Adults, on the other hand, can also do those things. However, they can also simply chill while drinking wine while catching up with one another.

Pool parties are fun, and there is no argument on that. Nonetheless, the case may be different for pool personnel.

For pool personnel, pool parties are synonymous to “a huge mess” or “an ocean of bacteria.”

Don’t get it wrong, though. I don’t mean to say that the maintenance people hate pool parties. Pools that were used for parties just require too much cleaning, and that can be inconvenient for some.

In a nutshell, these things should be present to be able to properly clean a pool that was used for a pool party:

  • Pool rake
  • Pool shock
  • Brushes
  • Pool test kits
  • Pool pump

Cleaning a salt water pool and a traditional chlorinated pool is 99% the same. The only difference is that pool shock does not exist in salt water pools.

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