How to Keep Your Pool Sparkly Clean All Summer Long


Summertime brings the perfect pool weather. There is no better time to make the most out of your pool and cool down. With this fun though, comes pool maintenance. Not every pool owner knows how to keep their pool clean.

Actually keeping your pool clean in summer can be an uphill battle. Between increased usage, the bugs that thrive in the summer, and chemicals at play, it can be difficult to keep your pool in working order in the heat.

You need to know how to keep a pool clean throughout the summer, so you can get the most out of it every day.

Chemicals in the wrong balance would put your pool out of action for a while, a serious blow in the middle of summer. Sure you can fill your time barbecuing, but if you’ve got a pool you want to enjoy it!

Keeping your pool in its best condition isn’t an easy task. If you want to do it yourself, you need to keep on top of it. Pool maintenance can sound like a lot of work at first, but it is really just a number of smaller jobs.

The key to making it go smoothly is to do a little bit every week. Keeping on top of maintenance with regular checks makes the job a lot easier.

Professional cleaners know exactly how to keep a pool clean. Most pool owners might be swamped at first. So if all this talk of pH levels and algae sounds like a nightmare, you could consider getting someone out with exactly the right expertise, those who know exactly how to keep a pool clean.

Otherwise, it is time to dive headfirst not into enjoying your pool, but cleaning it.

How to Keep a Pool Clean the Chemical Way

SSD Pools Keep A Pool Clean

Having fun by your pool and cooling off in the summer all rests on a pretty dull and boring subject; the chemical levels in your pool. This might venture into the same territory covered in science class but this is how you keep a pool clean.

Not doing so just creates an atmosphere for algae to grow or hurts those swimming in it. A poor chemical balance can take your pool out of action for most of the summer.

Knowing how to keep a pool clean pretty much comes down to knowing the science behind it, professional pool cleaners know a lot more about the composition of pool water than you might assume.

PH Levels

Pool maintenance is more of a science than an art, you need to be keeping on top of your pool’s pH levels.

While you should be measuring this level pretty consistently all year round, you need to step it up in Summer. If you want to get the most out of your pool, you should measure its pH once or twice a week.

The pH level of your pool will tell you the balance of acids and alkalis in there. Having your pool too far in either direction is going to cause problems!

Once you’ve measured your pH level, what does it actually mean?

  • Below 7 – The Water is too acidic, your eyes are going to sting while swimming at this level.
  • 7 exactly – A neutral state, this isn’t ideal for a pool though.
  • 7.2 – 7.8 – The perfect measurement for a pool.
  • Above 7.8 – Too alkaline.
  • Above 8 – Swimmers are in danger of getting rashes.

SSDPools Keep A Pool Clean

Your pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.8, just slightly on the alkaline side for a perfect environment. Keeping your pool clean depends on the water being just right, this stops algae and other infections having the time to grow.

Chlorine doesn’t function well at a higher Ph. Specifically, it becomes a lot less active.

This leads to many pool owners just dumping in more chlorine to get the job. Those who know how to keep a pool clean know that you can’t just dump in chemicals until its clean, that’s a pretty stupid way of maintaining one.

Keeping on top of your pH levels will keep your chlorine working and your water crystal clear

Fixing a bad pH level

If your pH level isn’t quite right, then you’re going to need to fix it. Professionals use specific pool maintenance chemicals for this but it really comes down to a few substances.

  • To Lower Your pH Level – Use Muriatic Acid or Sodium Bisulphate
  • To Raise Your pH Level – Use Sodium Carbonate or Sodium Bicarbonate

That’s how to keep a pool clean with all the excitement of a chemistry lesson! If you can tolerate all of the thrills that come with achieving a perfect chemical balance, your reward is a clear pool.

Keeping Algae Out of Your Pool

Algae doesn’t want you, or anyone, to know how to keep your pool clean. The cleaner your pool is; the worse things are for algae. A dirty pool is a perfect home for algae.

Keeping your pool clean means not letting any algae anywhere near it. Your pool maintenance should be focused on preventative measures.

Even if you don’t have any algae at the moment, you or a pool maintenance team need to be ever vigilant of this menace. It is a lot easier to prevent it than to get rid of it.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any algae that is beginning to grow around the walls of your pool. If left to its own devices, your water will turn some unappealing colours.

If you manage to get some algae growing in your pool, you need need to administer some treatment. Treating algae is a big process that involves draining and thoroughly scrubbing your pool a few times. Hard work if you don’t use a pool maintenance service.

In the summer heat when you’d rather just be in your pool, scrubbing away at the walls is the worst-case scenario. If you know how to keep a pool clean, then you can avoid having to deal with an algae infestation.

Using algaecide as a regular treatment for your water helps prevent the algae growing in the first place. You should be administering it once a week while your pool’s pH level is just right.

How to Keep a Pool Clean – The Little Things

While water testing and maintenance is a major part of keeping your pool clean, there are also plenty of smaller tasks that you can’t forget about.

SSD Pools Keep A Pool Clean


So maybe you don’t actually need a waterfall, but you need to keep the water flowing. This is a really helpful thing you can do to keep your pool in working order.

Rather than relying on yet more chemicals in the water, this one comes down to your physical pool maintenance.

How do you keep a pool clean through circulation? You need to make sure your water pump is in full working order, especially if it is to cope with the extra demand of the summer.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to keep a pool clean but you need to have working pumps.

The pump needs to be strong enough to allow your pool filters to do their job. It has to push the water through these filter to ensure it takes out all of the dirt or debris that may have ended up in there.

If your pump isn’t running for as long as it should be, or if it isn’t operating how it should be, then pool maintenance is going to become a lot harder.

Pool Filter

Your water pump pushes all that dirt through to the filter, but what happens to it then? You’ve got to deal with that too.

In the summer your pool filter is going to need changing a lot more often. More dirt will end up in your pool with increased usage, as well as the extra insects and wildlife around in the summer. To ensure the filter stays working like it should you should backwash it regularly. (D.E. and sand filters only, cartridges cannot be backwashed)

This involves pumping water backwards through your filter to wash out any built-up rubbish in there. When you notice a drop in your pool’s pressure, then you need to backwash through your filter.

Water Level

This seems like a really basic tip. However, that doesn’t stop some people from overlooking it. Sometimes the way to keep a pool clean is to stay on top of the basics.

The water level in your pool needs to be just right to keep your filters and skimmers working properly. Allowing it to drop or rise could cause some real problems in keeping your pool clean.

It also throws out the chemical balance since the water level might not match your normal doses of chemicals.


SSDPools How to Keep A Pool Clean

You need to make a habit of skimming your pool quite regularly. This isn’t a fun job, but neither is swimming in a pool filled with insects.

Most of these problems are made a lot worse in the summer. The other months have their problems too, but summer is the perfect pool season for both you and pests.

Skimming is how you keep your pool clean in the summer. You have to stay on top of it.

Instead of being a daunting task it can be the occasional small job.  However, if left unattended then this dirt and debris are going to make the other jobs on this list much harder.

How to Keep a Pool Clean and Still Have The Time to Use It

This is all quite a bit of work but it is manageable when broken down into smaller tasks. What can seem a bit daunting is spending all this time on pool maintenance and still finding the time to actually enjoy your pool in the summer.

That crystal clear water and sparkling walls are enticing, but not if you’re cleaning things constantly.

Keeping the chemicals just right can get pretty technical, so sometimes it is better to let a specialist handle it. Pool maintenance services understand all the science behind keeping your pool clean, they also know how all the complicated mechanical parts of a pool’s system work.

Doing this maintenance yourself is possible but it requires a lot of vigilance, using a service lets you keep your pool clean with the free time to enjoy it.

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