Find the real source of that pool leak.

Pool leak detection services


Leak detection is needed when you believe that you may be losing more water than evaporation or splashing could cause. Leaks can cause problems with decking, foundations and yards plus cost you more in your water bill. Obvious signs of leas include dropping waters levels (more than 1/2″ per day) increased chemical usage, excessive algae growth.

High water bills and air or dirt blown into the pool. It is important to see if there is a problem first by doing a bucket test. You put the bucket on a step and fill the bucket to the same level as the pool, over the next few days see if the bucket matches the pool level or not.


Step 1) Find the pool leak

pool leak detection services

To find a leak we do pressure testing on all pipes and dye testing on all fittings in the pool. For pressure testing we use plugs at each end of the pipes and then fill with water to see if it holds pressure. This is repeated for each pipe section. For dye testing we get to swim to each fitting and then release a small amount of dye to see if it gets sucked out of the pool.

Step 2) Repair the pool leak

pool leak detection services

Once we determine which area has the leak then we can use a listening device to pinpoint the exact location to fix. Then we can either quote out a repair or offer to mark the location for the home owner.

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