How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Pool?


While the initial cost of having a swimming pool fitted is quite high, a lot of people looking to install pools don’t quite realise the cost to maintain a pool. Between chemicals, cleaning, and upkeep, the costs really add up.

The real price to maintain pool accounts for everything you have to use while keeping a pool clean; all of the chemicals, testing, equipment, not to mention your time if you’re planning on doing all of this yourself!

Pool owners can find themselves spending more time maintaining their pools than actually swimming in them. Along with escalating costs for keeping up this repair, a lot of people prefer the ease and affordability of a pool maintenance service.

However, if you’re planning on going it alone then how much can you expect to spend?


Is the Cost to Maintain a Pool Universal?

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Pool?

If you’re looking into the price of maintaining a pool, you have to understand that these are just averages. The cost to maintain a pool isn’t universal for everyone.

Like anything else, it is going to vary depending on your situation. The size of your pool is a factor, along with the condition of it, and even where you live.

If you’re using more equipment for pool maintenance like covers and automatic skimmers, then you won’t have to spend as much on day to day cleaning. However, there is an initial outlay for this sort of thing.

Equally, a pool that utilizes solar technology will have a lower cost in bills but a larger upfront cost in actually installing this equipment. Then there is the maintenance of the solar panels for powering your pool. Things stack up quickly.

Even the cost of chemicals will depend on how much of them you have to use. Repairs are also going to be a factor for every size of pool.

While most pool owners budget for minor repairs, a major problem can really inflate your pool maintenance costs. The cost to maintain a pool is going to vary, but you can make a good estimate.



A major factor in the price of pool maintenance is the basic costs, power and water. A pool consumes both in pretty large amounts, a pool owner can expect to use 30% of these bills to feed their pool!

To run a pump to keep your pool in good condition you will be spending around $110 a month in the summer, and $80 even in winter. This is because your pump will be running over a third of the day, it consumes a lot of power.

This amount will be less if your pool is particularly small, but higher if your pool is quite a bit bigger.

Heating is also going to drive up the cost to maintain a pool. You can cut down on this by using solar power, but that has a high initial cost.

The other pretty obvious factor in the price to maintain a pool is water. You can’t exactly swim without water.

Between cycling out water and evaporation in a hot day, most pools can expect to lose quite a bit of water in any given day. Most owners spend up to $20 a month on extra water.


The Cost to Maintain a Pool with Chemicals

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Pool?

A major factor in the cost to maintain a pool is the price of chemicals. Keeping the chemical balance right in your pool isn’t an easy task.


How Much of The Chemicals Do You Need?

The average cost of these chemicals is hard to determine since no two pools are the same. The Wall Street Journal estimated that they < cost $500-800 a year.

A pool that isn’t in use throughout the year will cost less in chemicals. However, all pools are going to run quite a bill if they’re kept in good condition.

This cost is spread between quite a lot of chemicals, like chlorine, shock treatments, and algaecides. You can’t really cut down this cost unless you skimp on the amounts and damage your pool.


The Cost of Repairs

As well as chemicals adding to the cost to maintain a pool, you have to consider repairs.

A pool involves a lot of expensive equipment that can be broken quite easily. You need to budget for the worst-case scenario and ensure you can keep your pool running.

Between pumps and filters, it is quite common for something to go wrong with your pool. Even the structure itself can easily damage


When Do You Need Repairs?

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Pool?

Most pool owners aren’t going to need to make major repairs in the first year or so. Unless you’ve installed a faulty pool in the first place or you aren’t maintaining your pool properly, it should hold you for your first year.

After this though, you’re going to get things needing repairing or replacing fairly often. Elements of a pool like filters aren’t meant to last forever, and everything else inside of one will frequently need upkeep.



The cost of a new pool filter is going to depend on the type of filter that you use. A good quality cartridge filter will be more expensive.

You can cut down these costs by keeping your pool as clean as possible and skimming often. However, just in using your pool some gunk is going to get in there. A new pool filter should be fitted every year or so. This will cost between $400-1,250.

If you’re using lower quality filters they will have to be replaced more often. A sand filter can save you some money but will cost quite a bit more in supplies and installation.



The bigger part of the cost to maintain a pool is the parts that may break. A new pool vacuum or pump is going to cost hundreds of dollars. These kinds of breakages are to be expected every now and again.

A new pump motor can cost between $150-800, and a new pump can even more.

Most pumps can be repaired, but parts will cost a fair bit too as well as labour if you’re not a qualified electrician.

Fixing problems in your pool heating will cost between $100-300. These problems shouldn’t occur every year if you’re taking care of your pool.

However, you should budget for up to $500 a year to cover any potential problems that might arise.


The Cost to Maintain a Pool

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Pool?
As well as the cost of keeping your pool clean and functioning, you have to consider upkeep on the pool itself. Over the years, things will crack and become unfit for purpose. You should budget for the occasional revamp on your pool.

A pool maintenance company will carry out minor repairs more often, which should prevent major landscaping work from being needed

A rather unseen part of the cost to maintain a pool is your insurance. Having a pool affects the cost of your home insurance quite a bit.


Home Insurance

Like anything else on your property, a pool is going to affect the price of your home insurance.

However, the amount depends on where you live. If where you live is somewhere that pools are common, then it won’t increase your insurance costs too much.

If you’re living somewhere which doesn’t have too many pools then it’s going to put your insurance up by a few hundred dollars.

This is because insurance companies view your pool as a relatively dangerous thing. It makes visitors more likely to injure themselves, people more likely to break in, essentially to them it is a trouble magnet.


The Cost of Opening and Closing a Pool

If you live in a climate where a pool isn’t going to open year-round, then opening and closing your pool for the season is important for its upkeep.
Even those who do most of their pool maintenance themselves don’t typically perform this task entirely alone. Even if you don’t use a pool maintenance company day to day, you could consider hiring one for opening and closing a pool.

The cost of this is roughly $500. This figure is lower for smaller pools, but it also depends on your upkeep.

If you use a pool maintenance service while your pool is open, then you can expect this price to dip to around $300.

Having a pool in good condition can significantly lower the cost of opening and closing your pool.


The Total Cost of Maintaining a Pool

The cost to maintain a pool is much higher than most people assume. In fact, in maintenance costs, it is likely to stack up to the price cost of your pool over time.

The yearly cost of maintenance alone is estimated to be around $1,400. This is an average that accounts for breakages that might not occur every year.

The average cost of chemicals and bills brings this total up to $2,200. If you’re not using a pool maintenance service, opening and closing will add another 500-1,000 into this.

This makes it quite expensive to actually keep a pool clean. These costs can be reduced with the use of pool maintenance services. While they charge a fee, through economies of scale this comes in at a lower amount then you’d spend on maintaining a pool yourself.



While the monetary cost to maintain a pool can really stack up, it has a pretty high price in something else; your time.

If you’re cleaning your pool yourself and handling all the maintenance, it takes a long time. If you value your time, this can be costlier than the actual money involved.

A good way around this is to use a pool maintenance service. Which uses efficiency and their professional expertise to clean pools to a higher standard than you could manage on your own.

This works out a lot cheaper for those who don’t want to spend most of their time scrubbing their pools.

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