Pool Remodeling: 8 Things You Should Know Before You Start


A pool remodel can make your old swimming pool feel new again.

Whether you’re refitting your tiles, extending your pool, or just upgrading your pump and filters, a remodel can really freshen things up.

However, it is quite a big undertaking. It can be tempting to jump straight into it, hoping to get it done as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your pool again.

No one’s going to argue that trying to get your pool swimmable as quick as possible isn’t the goal, but planning ahead really is important.

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Pool remodeling often isn’t the cheapest or quickest process. If you don’t prepare properly, it can end up dragging on for quite a while. If you want your pool remodel done quickly, you need to do it right rather than fast.

Focusing on speed over anything else is going to make the project longer through poor preparation.

The expense of pool remodeling is also a factor. If you’re not careful then the cost of fixing up your pool can get out of hand. Preparing and budgeting for the worst that can happen during a pool remodel is going to help you out a lot.

If too many problems happen, you can end up with an expansive hole in the ground. Not great for swimming in!

Pool remodeling can vary between small jobs to quite large extensions of your entire pool. No matter how big the job is though, preparation is key.

Things to Know Before You Start Pool Remodelling

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There are some things that you really need to know before you start your pool remodeling. Making sure you know about your project and what completing is going to entail is key for getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Before you start any sort of renovation on your pool, you need to know these things.

1. Can You Do Your Pool Remodelling Yourself?

The vast majority of us probably over-estimate the breadth of our DIY skills. It can be difficult sometimes to admit you need outside help!

The biggest thing you need to do know before you start dismantling your outdoor pool, is can you do it yourself? This isn’t a ‘yeah, I can manage’ kind of do it yourself. You need to know if you can efficiently and easily do it yourself.

It is tempting to assume that you can fudge your way through a remodel with a mixture of online guides and YouTube tutorials. That one in particular promises a pool renovation in three days, which is definitely ambitious.

However, attempting to remodel a pool by yourself without much training is likely a bad idea. If you’re going to attempt it yourself, you need to know what is required.

2. What Skills Do You Need to Do it Yourself?

If you’re planning on going it alone, you need to assess what skills you need to complete the project. Break down the work that needs to be done and consider what training or skills you need to complete all of it.

If you can manage all of this, you can probably proceed on your own. If you can’t then you need to consider getting in some outside help.

3. Do You Need to bring in Contractors?

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Most people don’t have the experience to take on such a big project. You should really assess whether doing it yourself is actually going to save enough money to be worthwhile.

If you are going to hire someone from outside to help with your pool remodel, then who? You can go for general contractors and try to stay quite involved with the project yourself.

There is also the option of going for expert pool remodelers. This route may be more expensive on the surface, but it will likely save you money in billed time with efficiency.

4. What is Your Pool Remodel For?

One important thing to think about is why you’re pushing ahead with a pool remodel. This might seem self-explanatory, for a better pool.

However, things aren’t that black and white.

Are you trying to make your pool bigger? Are you just trying to make it look nice? Are you hoping to improve the system inside of your pool? Aiming to cut down on maintenance? Repair a poorly maintained pool?

This is a lot of questions, but you should have the answer before you take a sledgehammer to your pool.

If you need to remodel your pool because of the wear and tear of breakages, you may want to consider changing your maintenance routine.

Most pools do run up quite a bill in wear and tear, but if you need a pool remodel quite soon after construction then your wear and tear may be heavier than average!

A professional pool maintenance service might be helpful to keep your newly refurbished pool in good condition.

If you’re just after a cosmetic change then the reasons for needing a remodel should be self-explanatory. However, you should still familiarise yourself with proper cleaning to try and keep your new pool in great condition.

5. How Much is a Pool Remodel Going to Cost?

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Before you jump into a pool remodel, you need to know the cost. This can snowball as a remodel progress, so having a budget is vital to getting things done.

You can make a rough estimate by looking up the general prices charged for these services from contractors. If you’re hiring a pool remodeling service themselves, you can just reach out for a quote.

If you’re doing it yourself, you will need to make some estimates of the materials needed by measuring your pool. You then have to factor in how long it is going to take you to actually do the remodel.

Your time isn’t free, you need to consider the cost of spending the time doing it yourself compared with hiring outsiders.

Once you’ve got a firm cost for either doing it yourself or hiring someone, you should add a bit onto that estimate to account for anything that may go wrong. While your pool remodel might go smoothly, it might get derailed by problems.

The last thing you want to happen is to get halfway through your renovation and discover your budget has all been spent. This could leave you with a half-finished pool in the summer.

Knowing how much money you will need for the renovation is an absolute must for pool remodeling.

6. When to Start Your Pool Remodel

Choosing when to start pool remodeling is important for having the whole project go successfully. It is easy to fall into the trap of renovating at the last minute.

Summer is coming up, so you decide to make an effort to get your pool in top condition ready for the busy season. Sounds fine, but this is kind of the worst possible time to be starting a pool remodel.

You should plan ahead when you want to start. If you’re hiring outside contractors, you need to consider their availability and price.

Pool renovation workers are often busiest at the start of summer, with prices reflecting this.

Even if you’re doing it yourself, that physical labor in the sun might be better off being done in the milder Spring, so you can have your new pool ready for summer.

Starting your pool renovation in spring will let you get it fixed and out of the way before the time you’d normally open your pool up for the year.

7. Your Pool’s Condition

Pool Removel
Before you start making cosmetics changes to your pool, you need to know it is in good shape. It doesn’t have to be looking the best. After all, you’re doing a remodel for a reason.

However, under the hood everything either needs to be in good shape or on your list to fix as part of the remodel.

You need to be sure that your pool doesn’t have any leaks, or major problems unrelated to the area you’re remodeling. Having undiscovered problems when you’re starting to remodel your pool is only going to increase the time your project takes and the expense.

You can make repairs part of your pool remodel if needed, but this is going to bring the price of your project up.

8. After Care for Your Pool

One thing to keep in mind when you’re remodeling a pool is how you’re going to look after your pool following the remodel!

Sure, it isn’t quite as serious as recovering from surgery but your pool is going to need some aftercare.

If you’ve got new equipment fitted, then you should be aware of how to maintain this equipment. This is important for keeping it in good condition.

If you’ve remodeled cosmetically in your pool, you should familiarise yourself with the best practices for keeping it clean.

Pool remodels can be great, but if you’re not going to keep on top of the upkeep then it won’t last very long. You want your newly remodeled pool to stay in great shape for the foreseeable future.

Professional pool cleaning services can help you stay on top of this sort of maintenance. After you’ve finished major renovations, it really is the time to step up your maintenance to keep it in that condition.

When Can You Start A Pool Remodel?

If you’ve considered all of that, then you’re in a good place to start remodeling your pool. It isn’t an easy task and will require a lot of planning.

However, if done right your reward is going to be a pool that feels like new. A pool remodel is a great way to bring your standard pool up to date, just make sure you do it right.

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