Top 15 Backyard Oasis Swimming Pool Designs


Sometimes you just need a place to unwind. A backyard oasis: an area with lush greenery, an inviting atmosphere, and of course, a swimming pool. It can be tough to find inspiration for your very own oasis.

Whether you’re looking for designs that are classic, modern, rustic, or tropical, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll down below to find the top 12 swimming pool designs for your backyard oasis.

Asian Escape

aerial view of backyard oasis swimming pool and two men

You won’t have to leave your home to be transported halfway across the world with this beautiful design.

It features a charming swimming pool with Southeast Asian design cues. The grass around the pool gives the backyard a refined touch. And the small extension along the pool’s steps adds a cool spot for those moments when you don’t feel like swimming, but want to enjoy your space just the same.

This style works well for smaller backyards. But whatever the pool lacks in size it makes up for in sheer sophistication.

Low-key Lap Pool

backyard oasis lap pool with nature in the background

Sometimes less is more. This simple lap pool in Portugal does a great job of introducing a private space into a backyard, without disturbing the serenity of the community. A backyard oasis doesn’t always have to be grand. If it works with your surroundings, sometimes a design such as this one can go a long way.

The minimalist design provides an excellent contrast to the untamed wilderness, so you can enjoy nature while indulging in modern comforts.

Bring Bali to Your Backyard Oasis

house and backyard oasis swimming pool with tropical plants in the foreground

This pool in Bali, Indonesia features an exquisite design. The pool itself is integrated with the main house’s pillars, and intricate tiling work makes the entire area pop. A lovely wooden deck sits on the front of the pool, perfect for lounging around or entertaining guests.

If you’re into tropical designs, this style may be for you. In addition to being easy to clean and maintain, this pool will have your friends and family in the water for hours on end.

Cozy Cabana Chilling

backyard oasis with cabana with sofa, deck, minibar, and swimming pool in the background

The heat in Houston can be unbearable, especially in the summer. Fortunately, building a cabana in your backyard can be a creative solution.

An otherwise ordinary swimming pool is brought to life by this beautiful poolside cabana. With seating for the entire family and more, a raised deck, and even a mini-bar, this design is sure to be the highlight of any home.

Modern Marvel

backyard oasis with large swimming pool in the middle of house and pool house

This luxurious, modern pool design is truly a marvel. The pool has a small division with raised seating, providing ample seating for four people. In addition, the pool area is accentuated by tasteful palm trees. It also features a pool house that your family can use during those hot summer days.

If you’re looking for an elegant design for your backyard oasis, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Cancún is Calling You

above-ground backyard oasis pool surrounded by trees

This rustic pool design is from Mexico, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The pool is above-ground and features a raised stairway down the middle. The abundant plant life is certainly adding to the relaxing vibe of the place.

Build this in your backyard and you’ll feel like you’re in a resort in Cancun, every single day.

Ergonomic Backyard Oasis

small backyard oasis lap pool with rattan chair poolside

A smaller space can have a great-looking backyard oasis too. If your home doesn’t have much space to spare, look to this design to give you a slice of paradise. It’s become more and more popular among homeowners, especially with younger generations who value space and minimalism.

The design features a small lap pool surrounded by exotic greenery. It doesn’t call much attention to itself, but if this is your kind of pool, this style could be worth looking at. Plus, when you’re done swimming laps, you can soak in the sun poolside while enjoying a sip of your favorite beverage.

Pool house Perfection

mountainside swimming pool with pool house

This mountainside swimming pool design with its own brick-finished pool house is a sight to see. The pool itself is bordered by red bricks, bringing attention to the shape and form of the area. The backyard doesn’t need any plants at all, as being surrounded by nature all around is enough for this particular design.

If you don’t live in the mountains, that’s fine. This concept blends well with most backyards.

A Private Backyard Oasis

backyard oasis swimming pool surrounded by trees and concrete fencing

For those who want to enjoy their backyard oasis in private, this design provides plenty of plants and trees that act as natural guards against all eyes. Additionally, there are 3 to 4 feet high concrete fencing that gives an even bigger sense of security. The entire pool area is installed with a wooden deck that adds a hint of sophistication to the design.

Folks who don’t want to take a dip in the water will be perfectly content lounging around in the raised and covered deck.

Above-ground Fun

above-ground swimming pool

This above-ground swimming pool is finished with stone accents for a truly different look. A quaint seating area eats a small chunk of the pool space, but it’s well worth it for the atmosphere it provides.

There is a small hut that can be seen in the background, perfect for grilling a couple of steaks and enjoying the sun. The pool area is situated in the middle of a rainforest, which adds to the offbeat vibe that this design projects.

Garden or Backyard Oasis? It’s both

aerial view of swimming pool, garden, and three girls playing

Sometimes you have to compromise when it comes to space. Mom wants a garden to grow organic vegetables, and the kids want a swimming pool to spend their summers having fun.

But who says you can’t have both? This backyard oasis makes space for a small garden that can house various plant life.

And of course, the pool is nice too. The tiling around the pool gives the illusion of space, while the pool itself plays to the geometry of the tiles, achieving a look that’s quite hard to pull off. Make no mistake, this may seem like a compromise, but everybody can be happy with this design.

Stylish Scenery

overhead view of backyard oasis with swimming pool

If you want to stand out in your neighborhood, this kind of design will do just the trick. This swimming pool has a shape that’s difficult to replicate, but it’s the concept that you should take away from this. The house builds perfectly into the pool, with no space in between.

You can’t help but admire the shape of the stone-finished pool which evokes ocean waves and sunsets. Of course, a staple of backyard oases is the flourishing plant life in the surrounding areas. This one’s no exception. The greenery around the pool will make sure you’re never short of fresh air while you’re taking in the sights.

Tropical Paradise

swimming pool at dusk

Have your backyard oasis look like a slice of the Maldives with this beautiful design. The swimming pool is surrounded by towering palm trees that look their best just when the sun is setting.

The small cabana is also a beautiful addition, as it gives you and your family a place to rest and relax while admiring the place.

But the real star is the swimming pool. Its design is simple but stylish. The swirling shape is an elegant touch, while the in-pool lighting makes sure you can enjoy the water, day or night. This style works well if you’re looking for more of a resort-style feel for your backyard oasis.

If you love entertaining guests and you have the space for it, this style can work wonders for your backyard oasis.

Simple Swimming Pool

backyard oasis swimming pool with bamboo fencing

Who says you have to spend big to have a backyard oasis that you enjoy? If you’re on a budget and want a design that gets the job done, look no further.

This design features cool tiling work that is a joy to look at. The bamboo fencing evokes a rustic feel, and of course, the plants give the area a nice pop of color. There’s also the interesting element of a small shower area. Not a lot of homeowners go with it, but it’s certainly a practical choice.

Do More with an Infinity Pool

infinity pool with person swimming

Infinity pools have been around for quite some time now. And it’s just an absolutely beautiful design to bring into your home. It gives the illusion of grand and expansive space as the pool seemingly flows into the horizon.

Not all homes, and not all backyards, have the space needed to pull off such a look. But if it’s right for you and your home, then an infinity pool will give your backyard oasis an aesthetic that no other space can compare to.

Pool cleaning services for your backyard oasis

Cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool is just as important as building one.

Even the most beautiful pool designs can be ruined if you don’t maintain them properly.

SSD Pools is here to help.

Our professional pool cleaning and maintenance services are among the best in Houston. Regular pool maintenance is a must for a safe and good-looking swimming pool. However big or small, we can bring out the best in your pool.

Schedule a free estimate now to make sure your backyard oasis is as beautiful as it can be.

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