Top Fiberglass Inground Pools for 2020


Texas summers are hot and as the temperatures creep up, many are thinking about installing an inground pool.  It is a great way to cool down and spend time with your friends and family.

However, it is a big expense and so that decision should not be rushed.  There are endless options when it comes to fiberglass inground pools and you want to make sure that you pick the right one for your lifestyle and backyard.

This article will talk about:

  1. Factors to consider in choosing your fiberglass inground pool
  2. Why a fiberglass inground pool is a great choice
  3. Four of the top fiberglass inground pool brands, including their features and a selection of their models

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Which Fiberglass Inground Pool is Right for You?

There are a number of factors that will affect which fiberglass pool you should choose.  Of course, you will want to speak to your pool installer, who will be able to help you decide.

Some of the things that you will want to think about are:

  • The size and grade of the area where your pool will be installed
  • What are you going to use your inground pool for? Is this for exercise, family fun, etc.?
  • Which design do you like and will work best in your backyard?
  • The accessories and features that you want to add
  • The landscaping around your pool

Carefully think about these questions before installing your inground pool, so that your investment will pay off.

Why Choose a Fiberglass Inground Pool?

Fiberglass pools are great options for quick installation and easy maintenance. The shells are made of fiberglass topped with a gelcoat.

Where you see the benefit of a fiberglass inground pool is in the maintenance.  They use fewer chemicals than other options and because it is a smooth surface, they are very easy to clean.

One disadvantage of a fiberglass pool is that you are limited by the manufacturer as to the size and design of your pool.


  • Quick installation – can usually be done in less than a week
  • Fewer chemicals
  • Its smooth surface is easy-to-clean
  • It is very durable; the gelcoat can last for many decades
  • They are very efficient
  • You can buy prefab options


  • Fewer options for pool size and design

Top Fiberglass Inground Pools for 2020

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at four of the top fiberglass inground pool brands and examples of what they offer.

  1. Barrier Reef Pools
  2. Lonestar Fiberglass Pools
  3. Viking Pools
  4. AVIVA Pools

Barrier Reef Pools

Barrier Reef USA, which has been around for over 25 years, is one of the largest pool manufacturers in the world.  They pride themselves in incorporating great design and features so that your pool works with your lifestyle.

Options such as integrated stairs, tanning ledges and wrap-around seating means that you can enjoy your fiberglass inground pool just the way you like.  Barrier Reef manufactured pools are no-diving, so you should not install a diving board for a Barrier Reef Pool.

Their fiberglass inground pools are available in seven colors and each pool integrates their Shimmer Finish gel coat so your pool will have that extra special shine.

All Barrier Reef USA pools offer premium quality, dramatic designs, and beautiful colors.  They are a strong brand.

What their customers say

“Right from the beginning it was pretty easy, once we decided on going with the Barrier Reef pool. From start to finish they came in, they were professional, the job was done quickly and amazing, it was really amazing. It has been a little over a year now since we put the pool in, and we love it. We use it all the time… And we have just been enjoying the heck out of it. One of the best things we ever did.”

coral sea fiberglass pool beautiful and durable backyard
Credit: Michael Garza

Coral Sea

The Coral Sea is a free form pool that allows versatility. It can be sized between 31’ 2” to 40’.  It includes grand entry steps and 360-degree seating.

2.LoneStar Fiberglass Pools

How can we not support a local manufacturer? LoneStar Fiberglass Pools has been in business since 2007 and prides itself in providing quality products.

The owner, Chris Owens, has been in the industry for over 20 years.  He started LoneStar to provide a high-quality pool with the most up-to-date technology that is not going to break the bank.

They provide a lifetime warranty on each and every pool that they manufacture.

LoneStar offers fiberglass inground pools in nine beautiful colors and offers a variety of shapes and models. They have also partnered with RicoRock Inc., an industry leader in artificial rock waterfalls, to offer easy to install, long-lasting waterfalls for your pool.

The Independence

One complaint of fiberglass inground pools is that you are limited in the shapes and designs that you can have.  LoneStar proves that you can have interesting shapes in a fiberglass pool with The Independence.

It is an enormous 44’ long and offers an interesting look for your backyard oasis.

What their customers say

“Couldn’t be happier with our pool! Everyone at Lone Star was great from start to finish. The finished product is even better than we expected. Thanks to you all.”

3.Viking Pools

Viking Pools are a recognized leader in the fiberglass pool industry and part of the larger Latham Pool brand. Like the name suggests, a Viking pool is built for strength and made from high-grade fiberglass.

They pride themselves in their careful and detailed manufacturing process. You can actually see and feel the difference in its multi-layered construction and smooth surface.

Viking Pools come in eight different shapes, including rectangle, kidney, and freeform.  They offer a seven-year warranty on the finish.

What is nice about Viking Pools is the finishes that they offer – you can add features such as perimeter tile, inlaid tile, tile mosaics, built-in water features, lighting, and in-floor cleaning systems.  Your pool can truly be made for you and your family!

Viking Pools are also non-diving pools – a diving board should not be used. However, with all of the other features, you can really make their pools your own.

HydroZone Exercise Pool

One interesting type of pool that Viking Pools offers is an exercise pool.  The HydroZone Exercise Pool is 18’ feet long.

At 5’ deep, it is depth and versatility are great for the fitness buff, triathlete or physical training.  There are also fantastic exercise options that can be added on to this pool.

What their customers say

“The customer service made me feel happy because they answered all my questions…It was a very good choice. The value for this product is very good. I would definitely recommend it all to all my family and friends. With this pool you could never ever go wrong.”

4.AVIVA Pools

AVIVA Pools promises innovation and quality with their fiberglass inground pools.  Opened in 2019, this brand is new to the block, but that does not mean that they are not worth taking a look at.

Its gelcoats are available in seven colors and have a high level of UV, chemical and blister resistance.  Their top seller, Tahiti Blue, is a gorgeous, shimmering deep blue that will make you feel like you are in the ocean!

AVIVA stands behind its products and offers a 10-year warranty on its gelcoats.  AVIVA also offers lifetime structural and lifetime structural osmosis warranties.

All AVIA Pools are built using 100% vinyl ester resin, meaning that it gives a high level of strength and protection.

AVIVA Pools offers a seemingly endless number of options, with five separate collections that can be made in different depths and sizes.

The Vogue Collection

The latest addition to the AVIVA pool family is the Vogue Collection.    While rectangular shaped, this design is anything but dull!

With lengths ranging from 30’ to 40’, it offers a safety ledge that surrounds the pool and a generous swimming area.

There is a deep end bench and entry/exit area with a 6’ swim out bench.  For families with small children, you will love the grand entry steps, complete with splash pad.

What their customers say

We love it.  We cannot wait to use ours.”

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Do not forget about maintenance

It is one thing to own a fiberglass inground pool – it is another to keep it running well.  As we have mentioned, there are many tasks involved with maintaining your pool so it can run well and give your family clean water to swim in.

We know everyone is busy and pool maintenance can be a chore.  That is why many choose to have a pool cleaning service to handle the chores involved with owning a fiberglass inground pool.

Having a pool cleaner in place means that you can enjoy your sparkly clean pool, without any of the pesky maintenance that goes along with it.

Owning a fiberglass inground pool is a great choice for many families.  It’s a great way to get fresh air, enjoy the sun and spend time with your family and friends.

You want to make sure you select the right fiberglass inground pool for you – and we hope that our summary of some of the top brands will help you narrow down your choice.

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