8 Things That Should Be a Part of Your Weekly Pool Maintenance


Weekly pool maintenance can get a bit complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. There is a lot involved in keeping a pool as clean as it can be.

Your weekly routine needs to clean your pool, help keep its equipment in top working order, and deal with the chemicals that make a swimming pool what it is.

With so much to do every week, a lot of owners can feel a bit overwhelmed. However, as long as you are making time for these 8 things in your weekly pool maintenance then your pool will stay as clean as possible.

These 8 things are the absolute essentials. If you’re not doing these things every week, then doing this is going to really improve the state of your pool.

Keeping your pool in good repair can prevent problems like chemical imbalances or issues with equipment like leaks from sneaking up on you. In the long term, it really pays to keep your pool looking good.

The better you take care of your pool every week, the less you’re going to have to spend on one-off treatments to get your pool back up and running.

How Much Work Should Your Weekly Pool Maintenance Be?

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Pools don’t need every maintenance task under the sun to take place on a weekly schedule. Instead, your weekly pool maintenance shouldn’t be too much work.

The majority of it is going to be checking things are going smoothly. Checking things that might be problems and dealing them each week will stop any becoming a bigger issue.

Where there is a lot for you to do, many things don’t need doing weekly. Opening and closing your pool properly will help to ensure that your pool is looking good at the start of the season.

Using this checklist of things to make a part of your weekly pool maintenance will help you with the upkeep.

While the list might seem daunting, many of the tasks are more of a check than an actual clean. Performing hem weekly will help you keep your maintenance costs low, not to mention saving time that would be spent swimming.

1. Pool Water

The first thing to do as part of your weekly pool maintenance is to check your pool’s physical water. This is an obvious one since the water is what you’ll be looking at most of the time.

Ensuring that the water is right doesn’t just mean ensuring it hasn’t become a home to ducks. You need to sweep the pool for any large pieces of debris or leaves.

Taking care of rubbish in your pool is going to make it a much nicer place to swim in, but it also helps the lifespan of your filter. You should be skimming throughout the week whenever you spot something.

Just because it is part of your weekly pool maintenance, it doesn’t mean you should ignore rubbish in your pool until cleaning day! Each week, you need to do a bigger clean of your pool’s water.

If you’re doing top-up cleanings, it can be easy to skip this step. Making a big clean of your water a weekly routine will help you always make time to ensure the pool is clean.

2. Pool Walls and Surfaces

Weekly Pool Maintenance

With your pool water clean, you have to turn your attention to that tiling. The walls and surfaces of your pools can cause real structural problems if neglected.

Physically cleaning these parts of your pool down is a long and thankless task! Your weekly pool maintenance here is going to be different depending on how you’re approaching the job.

If you use a robotic pool cleaner, this part of your schedule should be a lot easier! It isn’t quite as convenient as a full clean from a pool maintenance company, but it gets the job done.

Otherwise, having a good scrub at the surfaces and walls of your pool that are exposed is going to make a big difference in keeping them in good shape. Leaks, damages to tiling, and algae can all grow if these areas are left untreated.

Use a cleaning brush on a long pool cleaning pole to get into those hard to reach places. If this is done weekly, then there shouldn’t be much time for dirt to build up.

3. Vacuuming During Weekly Pool Maintenance

Vacuuming your pool has to be done pretty regularly to keep your pool in good condition. You have a few different options about how to do it though.

A robotic pool cleaner is by far the easiest way. These machines can take care of vacuuming by themselves.

Otherwise, you can use an automatic pool vacuum with some piping or just go for a vacuuming head on a pool pole.

An automatic pool vacuumed then you can leave running is a much easier solution to this problem. However, if you want to keep things low-tech with a pole and vacuum head then it will fit easily into your weekly pool maintenance routine.

Make sure that you vacuum every bit of your pool to prevent dirt from building in the base.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

4. Pool Pump and Filter

Your pool’s filter system is absolutely vital for keeping your pool running. It pumps water around, filters it, keeping everything in check.

Since the pump and filter are so important, you really can’t neglect them. Checking in with your pool filter and pump during your weekly pool maintenance can keep them in good condition.

You need to ensure you’re changing your filter’s cartridge as often as you need too. This won’t be weekly, but making it part of your normal clean is a good habit to get into it.

You need to check your filter’s pressure weekly. If the filter needs backwashing to improve its pressure, then you need to do this during your weekly routine.

Checking in quickly with these two important pieces of equipment is vital for good weekly pool maintenance.

5. Check Water Levels During Weekly Pool Maintenance

This is a simple task compared with balancing chemicals or scrubbing at tiling. However, checking your water level is where it should be can give you an early warning about any potential problems that your pool may have.

If your water level is routinely kept too low, your pool’s pump will have to work overtime. This can cause it to burn out. Equally a pool with too much water is going to be a lot harder to keep chemically balanced.

Of course, with splashing and weather, you should expect the water level to move. Your weekly pool maintenance routine is the perfect time to set your water level right for the week.

Checking the Chemicals in Your Weekly Pool Maintenance Routine

6. pH Level in Your Pool

The chemical composition of your pool is really important for keeping it in good health. To get this in order each week, you have to start with some tests.

Testing the pH Level in your pool needs to be done every week. Adjusting your pool to keep this result in the safe range has to be your first task in weekly pool maintenance.

Add the correct chemicals to correct your pH level if you notice that it has been altered throughout the week. While it is important to get this done once a week, any more is a bit much.

You should avoid adding additional pH altering chemicals to your pool any more often than once a week. Doing so excessively can have your water bouncing between one test result and another, making it harder to find what you actually need to do to get it back in the right level.

A once a week pH check should be more than enough to keep your pool in good condition.

7. Chemical Composition of Your Pool

Weekly Pool Maintenance

There are some chemical tests and alterations in your weekly pool maintenance that can get quite technical. This part of your maintenance may seem a bit dull, but a pool’s water is delicate.

Chlorine is by far the most common way of sanitizing a pool. These chemicals are safe for use in swimming water and they stop bacteria or algae building up.

The downside though, is that balancing the level of chlorine is really important. If you don’t make it part of your weekly pool maintenance routine, then a wrong level can cause some problems.

You should have a chlorine level of 1-3 parts per million. This level is safe for swimmer’s eyes and skin while keeping your pool clean.

If your chlorine level is too high or too low, then you will need to administer treatment to your pool before you can swim in it again.

8. Shock Treatment and Algaecide

The last chemical job in your weekly pool maintenance routine is to administer algaecide if necessary, or regular shock treatment to keep algae away.

For this part, you should just follow the instructions of the chemical manufacturer about dosage, as it will depend on the size of your pool.

If all of this cleaning and chemical adjustments seems like too much work, then a pool maintenance company may be a better choice for you.

These professionals are capable of performing weekly pool maintenance efficiently and quickly, with an expert eye to help with those delicate chemical adjustments.

Otherwise, keeping on top of the weekly tasks will make monthly pool maintenance and opening or closing your pool a much easier task. It may be a lot of work, but it is what you need to do if you want to keep your pool in top condition.

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