Why Pools Are Better Than Beaches


Are pools better than beaches? The debate has raged on, with each having their own pros and cons.

We certainly do not want to put down beaches.  There are so many happy family memories to be made on a trip to the beach, from building sandcastles to long romantic walks on the beach.

However, today we put the debate to rest.  Pools ARE better than beaches!

With the dog days of summer upon us, many families are looking for ways to keep their families busy.  This is especially true during this pandemic, when some things may be closed.

There are so many benefits to owning a pool.  Here, we outline 14 reasons why pools are better than a beach.

pools are better

Why Pools are Better than Beaches

1. Pools are cleaner!

Pools are designed to be clean!  That is why you are buying chemicals and doing weekly maintenance.

When you are swimming in your pH-balanced, chlorinated water, you know what you are swimming in and exactly how clean it is.  Can that be said about the beach?

Especially for younger swimmers or those with skin sensitivities, pools are the better option.  As well, pools are clear from the plant life, pollution and other messes that you may find in the ocean.

2. You have more (cheaper) food options

The only limit to what you can have for lunch after a nice swim in your pool is what is in your fridge! Beyond that, you can have whatever your heart desires, at a fraction of the price charged on the beach.

No waiting in line for an over-priced burger.  No wondering about kitchen cleanliness or wishing there were more options!

Even if you pack a lunch, you still have to think ahead and have it together before you set out for the day.  Not only that, you may inevitably forget something that is difficult to replace while on the beach.

Pools are better, since you can wander into your kitchen after a swim, or fire up the grill, and have the lunch that you want to have.

3. No travel necessary

Getting to the beach can be an ordeal.  Even without the travel time, which can be cumbersome, there is a whole process leading up to even getting to the beach.

You have to make sure you have packed everything that your family could potentially need, like sunscreen and beach furniture and toys.  Then you have to wrangle everyone into the car and FINALLY be on your way.

Of course, that is not including the distance you have to drive, the gas you use and the traffic you face along the way.

Compare that to walking out to your backyard – it takes all of two seconds!  Pools are better and closer!

Your swimming pool is instantly available if you feel like cooling off with a swim.  Even better, if you forget to bring something out, you can simply walk back inside and get it.

4. It is much safer…

The ocean has a lot of beauty, but also a lot of danger. Your pool is not the home of vicious animals, riptides and other dangers that may await you in the ocean!

Oceans are incredibly unpredictable; pools are not. You are much safer swimming in the comfort of your pool!

5. …especially for social distancing.

It has been said time and time again that the times we are living in are unprecedented.  COVID-19 has changed absolutely everything, including the recreational choices that we make.

Many people are avoiding large crowds and with good reason.  Even if beaches are able to be open, some families are choosing to avoid them to be able to social distance.

Your home swimming pool has none of the crowds, and therefore none of the risk.  During COVID-19, a swimming pool is a fun and safe way to stay cool.

The beach simply cannot compare in that regard. Stay home and have a swim!

6. There are never crowds

Regardless of whether you are social distancing or not, not everyone one likes getting stuck in a big crowd of people.  Who has not been at the beach and had someone walk by and kick sand on you?

You can have a much quieter, and much more peaceful experience at your home swimming pool.

pools are better

7. You don’t have to deal with sand.

Sand gets on and in absolutely everything.  You will find it in your food, in your bathing suit, etc. etc.

As much as it is fun to build a sandcastle with your kids, it is MUCH better to not deal with sand at all. At home, you can have the fun of your pool without worrying about cleaning off sand afterwards.

In that regard, swimming pools are better by a long shot!

8. It’s not as windy

Of course, this depends on how you have landscaped and designed your backyard oasis.  However, generally speaking, pools are better shielded from the wind than pools are.

You do not need to worry about your things flying away!  Again, pools are better than beaches in this regard.

9.  There are no vendors hanging around your swimming pool.

One thing that can be aggravating about a day at the beach is the vendors.  If you’re looking to relax and not to shop, they can be a real nuisance.

At home, you can have an enjoyable, private day with your family, free from interruptions.

10. Swim whenever you want!

By necessity and for public safety, public beaches have operating hours.  While this makes perfect sense, it can be limiting.

Pools are better, since you can swim in your swimming pool literally any time, day or night. You are not subject to anything except your own schedule.

Maybe you want a cool midnight swim under the stars? That is an option!

11. You determine the water temperature.

Especially during colder seasons, ocean water can be quite frigid.  While it will certainly wake you up, it may not be fun to sleep in.

Your pool water’s temperature can be changed to meet changing seasons or your own preferences.

Is it cold outside?  That’s okay, you can heat your pool to be nice and toasty.

12. You can keep a closer eye on your children.

When we talk about safety, there is absolutely nothing more important than the safety of your children.  While at the beach, you must pay very close attention to your children because of the dangers that exist, which include:

  • The dangers of the ocean we mentioned above (i.e. marine life, pollution, riptides, etc.)
  • Crowds of strangers
  • Wide open spaces where children can easily get lost

If your family is enjoying fun in your own backyard, those risks will be limited.  You will be able to easily find them and keep an eye on them.

Of course, pools have their own dangers and you should ALWAYS watch your children when they are around a pool.  However, in your own backyard, you will be able to more easily manage your children and keep them safe.

pools are better

13. You can crack open a beer if you would like.

Public beaches have many safety restrictions, including what beverages you can enjoy.  Of course, these make sense and safety is important.

However, if you want to, you can enjoy a cold beer and lounge in your swimming pool.  What a great way to enjoy a lazy afternoon!

14. Your restroom availability is much better at home.

Public restroom at the beach versus your bathroom at home…it’s no contest!  Home pools are better than beaches.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Of course, owning a pool is not all play and no work.  We have talked at length about the types of maintenance that your swimming pool regularly needs and the benefits of performing that maintenance.

These tasks include:

  1. Checking your pool water
  2. Cleaning your pools walls and surfaces
  3. Vacuuming your pool
  4. Cleaning your pool pump and filter
  5. Checking your water levels and filling up as needed
  6. Checking your pool’s pH level
  7. Making sure your pool water has the correct chemical composition
  8. Doing shock treatments and adding algaecide, as needed.

Many people wonder if pools are better than beaches because of all of the hard work.

That is certainly a lot of work, but it is necessary.  Neglecting your pool maintenance means that your equipment will break down sooner, your family will not be safe as the dirty water will make them sick and your pool will look terrible.

You obviously do not want that.  That is why many families choose to hire a pool cleaning company to take care of those maintenance tasks.

The benefits are many.  For starters, it is one less thing to add to your already busy schedule.

For another, making sure your pool’s chemical composition can be very technical. Unclean water can cause health risks, such as skin irritations, respiratory illness and gastrointestinal illnesses.

With a professional handling that aspect, you do not have to worry about whether or not your family is safe.  You will know that they are!

As you can see, pools are better than beaches.  It really is no comparison!

If you have been on the fence about whether a pool is right for your family, we certainly hope that this has helped.  Of course, we also encourage you to reach out with any pool maintenance questions that you have.

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