Why Should You Hire a Pool Cleaning Service for Your Pool?


Cleaning and maintaining a pool are not easy. It is not the same as cleaning a bathtub where you just brush the tub and that’s it. You can’t just remove the floating leaves using a rake either.

Chlorine? No, you don’t just add chlorine into the water and let it do the cleaning. In fact, chlorine just disinfects the water and not really clean the whole pool!

Of course, it is possible for one person, the owner for example, to clean a pool. However, that’s only if he or she is willing to deal with more severe wastes in the future. Note that to properly, thoroughly, and deeply clean a pool is not a one-man job!

What is a Pool Cleaning Service?

A pool cleaning service is basically a company that offers services that are all about pool maintenance. Their services include, among others:

  • Pool vacuuming
  • Inspections
  • Checking the water filtration
  • Ensuring that the pH, chlorine, and water levels are just right
  • Determining whether or not your pool equipment needs to be replaced
  • Are your machines working properly? Will they still be okay one month later?
  • Cleaning the pool floors, walls, stairs, etc.

They have a team of professionals who have acquired a certain level of expertise in pool cleaning through the training and seminars they have gone through and attended, respectively.

Why Should You Hire a Pool Cleaning Service for Your Pool?

Pool Cleaning Service vs. Yourself

One major factor that makes pool cleaning service different from you is the fact that it is professional. That is, it is a business and you are a person. It is bound by rules and regulations while you have the freedom to do whatever you want. It has a boss or a leader while you are your own boss and leader.

In terms of the quality of cleaning, a pool cleaning service is more reliable than yourself. No, I am not here to insult your cleaning skills. A pool cleaning service has numerous cleaners under it, so teamwork is involved. Having said that, even though you are detail-oriented and are a clean freak, their results will still be better, or greater, than yours.

Also, more often than not, a pool cleaning service has complete pool cleaning supplies. In your case, however, I bet there is even one thing that is missing in your stockroom.

You can expect a pool cleaning service to do proper cleaning because it is their responsibility to do so. But you, maybe after a few hours you would find yourself sitting on a chair, scrolling through your social media feed or sleeping.

Why Should You Hire a Pool Cleaning Service?

Perhaps you are still confused and unsure if you really have to hire a pool cleaning service for your pool even after reading all of what’s stated above. That’s okay, and I am willing to state more specific points just so you understand further the importance of a pool cleaning service.

Here are six reasons to hire a pool cleaning service.

1. Your Pool is Wide

It is exhausting to do all the cleaning by yourself if the area to be cleaned is too wide, I know. But you don’t have to even say hello to your sweat if you let a pool cleaning service do the job for you!

Regardless of the size of your pool, they wouldn’t be intimidated and scared because, for sure, the pool cleaners have already been in the industry for years, so they already know what to do!

They wouldn’t miss anything, even that tiny leaf that got stuck on the pool filter.

Why Should You Hire a Pool Cleaning Service for Your Pool?

2. You Have Lots of Pools

You can’t be able to clean all of your pools in equal measure if you have lots of pools. It won’t hurt to bring a pool cleaning service in and let them help you or even handle all for you. In fact, they would even love it when you ask for their help because that’s what they enjoy doing!

Plus, the good thing about a pool cleaning service is that there are several people in there that work together, so the job can be accomplished in no time!

3. You Don’t Have All the Equipment Needed

If you want your pools to be thoroughly cleaned, you should make sure that you have all the equipment needed. Among the supplies that are used for pool cleaning include:

Here is a more detailed and extensive list of pool cleaning equipment that you’ll need for pool maintenance.

If your supplies are incomplete, then you have to reach out to a pool cleaning service for your pool. Be assured that they have all the things that can improve the condition of your pool, so you shouldn’t second guess about this anymore!

4. Your Equipment is Not High-Quality

No one’s stopping you from making use of low-quality equipment and machines for your pool because that’s your preference to begin with. However, if you already know that yourself, hiring a pool cleaning service shouldn’t be an option anymore—it should be a choice!

You can use your lower-quality materials for every day cleaning, but you should let the professionals handle it at least every week or two so as to avoid having to deal with massive damages!

5. You Have a Busy Schedule

If you have a lot on your plate and have lots of items to tick off on your to-do list, then that is a sign that you should hire a pool cleaning service for your pool. Don’t bother making a room for pool cleaning on your schedule and just let other people who are knowledgeable about the task do it for you.

Just imagine how easier and smooth-sailing your day would be if you focus on the things that are more important and definitely more fun than dealing with algae.

6. You Don’t Have Expertise

This is perhaps the most important factor that should already be enough for you to hire a pool cleaning service. Cleaning a pool is not just about taking the leaves out off the pool water. It is about keeping the pH and chlorine levels in check, shocking the pool, making sure the generators are working, and the list goes on.

If you care about the swimmers’ safety, you should hire a pool cleaning expert to check the condition of your pools because if you would just rely on the knowledge that you have gotten from the internet, then there would be things that you would miss out on!

Cleaning a pool properly requires deep knowledge about the process and the equipment involved.

7. You Need It

You should hire a pool cleaning service because you need it. No matter how good you are at making excuses, you need it. Your pools have to be safe and healthy for other people to use, and that would never be possible if you would trust your belief that you don’t need a pool cleaning service.

Yes, you are cleaning your pools every day. But that doesn’t mean that every day you are eliminating all the unpleasant organisms and entities that have made your pools their home. Germs are not visible to the naked eye, so don’t be sure!


There is nothing wrong with being so doubtful about hiring a pool cleaning service because, well, maybe there is really something to be doubtful of. But it is not a smart decision to ditch the option to hire them just because they are not free!

You see, if you hesitate on spending money to give your pool the proper care it needs, you would have to deal with more damages and problems in the near future. Just imagine the headache it would cause you when someone becomes ill because of your contaminated pool. Don’t forget the fact that it would haunt you as well, making you feel bad.

Why Should You Hire a Pool Cleaning Service for Your Pool?

Also, it is not good if you become too confident of your cleaning skills. You see, even if you are the best cleaner in the world, you would not be able to clean your pools alone. You need help, even if you don’t admit it. There are some tiny things that you wouldn’t be able to spot even if you are the most detail-oriented person!

You have all the pool cleaning supplies needed? Good. Machines are functioning well? Good. However, do you know if those supplies are in good condition? And how sure are you that next month those machines you’re talking about are still going to indeed function well?

A pool cleaning service is filled with people who are experts in the field of pool maintenance. If you want to be sure that your pools are safe, you should never think twice on hiring them because they know more than you.

They conduct inspections, and they are able to know in a very short period of time if there’s something wrong.


If you notice that your pool is changing its color for the worse, we promise to make a real splash! Contact us at 832-931-3504 or 469-396-7947 and we would be very happy to solve your pool problems!

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